Wednesday, April 30, 2008


From left to right:
  1. Coppertone Faces sunscreen SPF30
  2. Clinique Super City Block SPF25
  3. Lancome UV Expert DNA Shield SPF50
  4. Garnier UV Protect SPF 50
  5. SunPlay Powdery White SPF47
  6. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch SPF30
  7. Sunkiller Kirei Hada SPF50
  8. SkinFood Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF50

Coppertone Faces sunscreen SPF30
This contains vitamin A and E, is non-comedogenic and waterproof. It's about $15 for 88ml, so it's quite cheap. I wanted to use it daily, but the texture's not very light, so usually I only use it when I go swimming. It's nice, spreadable and non-sticky though.

Clinique Super City Block SPF25
This is tinted, but discontinued - the new ones are only available in SPF40 (my sister's coming back with a tube from duty-free). The tint prevents any strange white cast so you don't look like you're wearing sunscreen, but there's not much coverage, probably cos I'm slightly tanned. It's moisturising, though a bit sticky, and leaves my face slightly shiny. It's a bit difficult to blend though, cos the texture's a bit thick. Some people might find it expensive at about $40+ a tube.

Lancome UV Expert DNA Shield SPF50
Mine is the white, untinted version but I think it's available in tinted as well. The untinted one leaves a white cast on my face, but the tinted one probably wouldn't. It has a nice shimmery, pearlescent finish which provides a lovely glow, but it's really quite heavy, which is probably better for people with dry skin. I'll try the tinted version next time.

Garnier UV Protect SPF 50
This is available in white (untinted), beige (to even skin out) and purple (anti-dullness). Kind of like the L'oreal UV Perfect in my opinion, since it's also SPF50 and available in the same tints. Mine is the beige one, and it does make skintone look more even, plus the dimethicone in it gives a smooth, glowy finish, which also makes it a very good makeup base. It's quite light and blendable, plus I can feel that the vitamin E in it makes your skin really soft. However, it's feels quite sticky on the face when used on its own, and the packaging's not that great - a hard plastic bottle that can't be squeezed, so you have to shake to get product out.

SunPlay Powdery White SPF47
Pretty much like all the other Sunplay Powder Sunscreens. It's a runny liquid that leaves a white cast on the face because of the white powder, but it's very smooth and lightweight. The bottle's like a liquid paper bottle, you shake it and a little ball inside mixes the sunscreen up.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-touch SPF30
This has a texture quite unlike many other sunscreens - it's a dense cream which doesn't feel heavy on the skin, and leaves a powdery finish which is totally not sticky at all! Surprisingly, though the cream is white, it goes on totally clear. However, due to the dry, powdery texture it leaves on the face, it's probably not a good base for makeup to adhere to. There's no greasiness at all, but the alcohol content in this is quite high, so it kind of stings my eyes.

Sunkiller Kirei Hada SPF50
This one's like the SunPlay as well, except it's tinted. I think all the SunPlay and Sunkiller ones come in bottles with the ball thing inside that really makes me wanna shake it cos it makes a nice rattly sound. :P A runny, light beige liquid that kind of brightens up and evens out skintone. It has really good oil control and dries down to a matte finish. Plus it's really cheap, at about $12. And when I removed it, I noticed tiny particles of glitter. Cute!

SkinFood Peach Sake Sun Lotion SPF50
On hindsight, I think this is slightly overpriced (you can get it way cheaper in Korea, this cost me $36), but it smells so good and the packaging is so pretty! This has the best fragrance ever, like peaches and sake - the others all smell typically sunscreen-ish. It's untinted, but the particles of titanium dioxide are micronized, so it doesn't leave a white cast. It's a very blendable liquid, slightly less runny than Sunplay and Sunkiller. It leaves a nice matte finish as well, and would be a good base. It's also moisturising. If you have sensitive skin, you shouldn't use it though, cos apparently the sake would be too strong.

My favourites would definitely be the SunKiller and SkinFood (not because they're the newest to my collection). They're the most lightweight, ungreasy and suitable for daily use. Most importantly, they don't leave a white cast on the face which I find really important - who goes around looking like a ghost? I suppose people with fairer complexions would be ok with that though.


Anyway, I'm having a really bad headache right now. I realised I haven't been catching up on my lost sleep during the exams at all, so that's probably the cause. And I just moved lots of stuff (including my fridge) from hall today. It doesn't help that the weather's swelteringly hot either.

I need to go pack up my stuff before the maid comes to clean up tomorrow. Ciao!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1st post-exam shopping trip

Lots of chores to do this week, specifically going to the bank (I still have to go later this afternoon) and moving stuff from hall, and getting stuff from IKEA. (There is seriously no space in my room to put all my stuff.) Where am I supposed to stuff my keyboard and my fridge?!
Anyway, yesterday I went out for my official 1st post-exam shopping trip!

A strange guy wearing really weird clothes! The photo's not too good but he looked seriously weird, it's a multi-coloured silk/brocade-ish montrosity. Walking around in Ngee Ann City like that, imagine! I saw a lady pointing at him and looking as well, haha!
What's in the bag?
An Elle-covered present!!
Ta-dah! Cinnamoroll jewellery-making kit! (This is my younger sister's - I gave her the one with the silver star, Tracy got the one with the gold star. I decided not to get one for myself - I'm broke. Haha. -dry laughter-)
We did the Takashimaya Food Hall, and everywhere along the route to Far East Plaza. And omg this is super funny - Tracy was looking for Shinhwa in the Korean magazines, so she went to browse one cos she thought she saw "Shinhwa" on it, but there wasn't any Shinhwa inside, and then she realised that she read the characters wrongly - it was "Shunhwa" or something. Hahahaha!!! -cough- Someone should go revise her Korean. -cough-

I discovered this really nice shop in Far East Plaza, level 2. (I think they call the basement Level 1, so if you count that way, it'll be level 3.) It's called "woodwood" and the design of the shop is really pretty! The clothes are all in soft pastels (think rose pink, baby blue and light fawn-brown), with tailored stripes or muted mini-polka dots. I bought a brown houndstooth-and-lace dress there, and it came in a neat brown paper bag. I think I'll go back soon, I really love the stuff there!

I introduced Tracy to Skinfood's BB cream!!! I'm really loving BB cream now. XD I gave my mom Skinfood Aloe in Shade 1 to try, and she loves it too! I'm a BB cream ambassador. Ha!

In total, I bought 2 dresses, a t-shirt, Skinfood Peach Sake Sunblock and a Sunkiller Kirei Hada sunscreen. At Cineleisure's Pandora's Box, we saw Majolica Majorca and the Mentholatum Acnes line! It would be cheaper if you got it online, but it's much more convenient I suppose. I wanted to get the Mentholatum sunscreen but since I already bought 2 tubes of sunscreen that day... ^^

My younger sister is so smart - when I went home with my arms full of bags, she was like, "Oh you went out with Tracy right? Every time you shop with her you'll come back with lots of stuff!"

I think I'll do a post on my extensive collection of sunscreen next! And maybe BB cream. ^^

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Consummatum Est.

I'm so happy, the exams are over!!

On Friday, after my dad drove me home, I only had time for a short nap, dinner, and then off we went to the airport to send my sister off. She'll be in the US and Japan for 2 weeks. The US dollar is really low right now too, I hope she buys nice stuff back. :D

Anyway, I arrived home to see 2 huge packages on my table, one containing 2 tubs of Chacott powder, and one containing lots of sample jars, Coogi Flowertox SPF 25 BB cream, and Pond's Magic Powder! I have 3 months to try them out! (During semester time, I don't have time to experiment with stuff like that, and I don't bother to dress up for school or work, so. 3 months of whee!!)

Then my older sister walked in, saw the 2 huge Chacott tubs and opened them to test. And then it occurred to me that since she was going to Japan, she could grab a couple of tubs back! But I hadn't tested it, and I have no idea if it's available at counters or whatever, so I don't think she'll be able to find it. I told her to get UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) too, but she was sceptical cos she uses MAC Prep and Prime. -_-U I'm not getting a tube though, I doubt I can finish one in 3 months.

Oh, and last night my mom flipped through a recent Tang's catalogue and asked me if the YSL Touch Eclat pen was good for hiding her freckles. I was like, huh?! Cos my mom usually doesn't go for stuff like that - she's into no-frills lines like Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique which are more for mummies, while I'd associate YSL with younger women.

So I was discouraging her, telling her that it's only good for highlighting but doesn't have really good coverage, and she's like, how do you know?! So I described Makeup Alley to her. Then she started asking about everything else, like stuff from Benefit! Omg. I really don't think much of Benefit, it's only about the packaging and it's overpriced. Then I told her about StriVectin and Hylexin, and she got really excited. And then I told her the price - and she was like, Hmm. Hahaha!!

Up till now I haven't had time to relax after the exams! Both yesterday and today I was working again, but it's all good since I now have new songs to learn - the intermediate majors syllabus! The music's quite cute, especially for allegro. :P

Tomorrow I'll have to wake bright and early again to go to the bank, go for K-box (mehhh), and go shopping with Tracy!!!!! YAYYYY. I wanna go to SkinFood!!!


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