Tuesday, April 29, 2008

1st post-exam shopping trip

Lots of chores to do this week, specifically going to the bank (I still have to go later this afternoon) and moving stuff from hall, and getting stuff from IKEA. (There is seriously no space in my room to put all my stuff.) Where am I supposed to stuff my keyboard and my fridge?!
Anyway, yesterday I went out for my official 1st post-exam shopping trip!

A strange guy wearing really weird clothes! The photo's not too good but he looked seriously weird, it's a multi-coloured silk/brocade-ish montrosity. Walking around in Ngee Ann City like that, imagine! I saw a lady pointing at him and looking as well, haha!
What's in the bag?
An Elle-covered present!!
Ta-dah! Cinnamoroll jewellery-making kit! (This is my younger sister's - I gave her the one with the silver star, Tracy got the one with the gold star. I decided not to get one for myself - I'm broke. Haha. -dry laughter-)
We did the Takashimaya Food Hall, and everywhere along the route to Far East Plaza. And omg this is super funny - Tracy was looking for Shinhwa in the Korean magazines, so she went to browse one cos she thought she saw "Shinhwa" on it, but there wasn't any Shinhwa inside, and then she realised that she read the characters wrongly - it was "Shunhwa" or something. Hahahaha!!! -cough- Someone should go revise her Korean. -cough-

I discovered this really nice shop in Far East Plaza, level 2. (I think they call the basement Level 1, so if you count that way, it'll be level 3.) It's called "woodwood" and the design of the shop is really pretty! The clothes are all in soft pastels (think rose pink, baby blue and light fawn-brown), with tailored stripes or muted mini-polka dots. I bought a brown houndstooth-and-lace dress there, and it came in a neat brown paper bag. I think I'll go back soon, I really love the stuff there!

I introduced Tracy to Skinfood's BB cream!!! I'm really loving BB cream now. XD I gave my mom Skinfood Aloe in Shade 1 to try, and she loves it too! I'm a BB cream ambassador. Ha!

In total, I bought 2 dresses, a t-shirt, Skinfood Peach Sake Sunblock and a Sunkiller Kirei Hada sunscreen. At Cineleisure's Pandora's Box, we saw Majolica Majorca and the Mentholatum Acnes line! It would be cheaper if you got it online, but it's much more convenient I suppose. I wanted to get the Mentholatum sunscreen but since I already bought 2 tubes of sunscreen that day... ^^

My younger sister is so smart - when I went home with my arms full of bags, she was like, "Oh you went out with Tracy right? Every time you shop with her you'll come back with lots of stuff!"

I think I'll do a post on my extensive collection of sunscreen next! And maybe BB cream. ^^

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T said...

eeks so paiseh your sis knows me as the shopaholic! HAHAHA

But heck la. life is short. enjoy it baby woots!


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