Sunday, April 27, 2008

Consummatum Est.

I'm so happy, the exams are over!!

On Friday, after my dad drove me home, I only had time for a short nap, dinner, and then off we went to the airport to send my sister off. She'll be in the US and Japan for 2 weeks. The US dollar is really low right now too, I hope she buys nice stuff back. :D

Anyway, I arrived home to see 2 huge packages on my table, one containing 2 tubs of Chacott powder, and one containing lots of sample jars, Coogi Flowertox SPF 25 BB cream, and Pond's Magic Powder! I have 3 months to try them out! (During semester time, I don't have time to experiment with stuff like that, and I don't bother to dress up for school or work, so. 3 months of whee!!)

Then my older sister walked in, saw the 2 huge Chacott tubs and opened them to test. And then it occurred to me that since she was going to Japan, she could grab a couple of tubs back! But I hadn't tested it, and I have no idea if it's available at counters or whatever, so I don't think she'll be able to find it. I told her to get UDPP (Urban Decay Primer Potion) too, but she was sceptical cos she uses MAC Prep and Prime. -_-U I'm not getting a tube though, I doubt I can finish one in 3 months.

Oh, and last night my mom flipped through a recent Tang's catalogue and asked me if the YSL Touch Eclat pen was good for hiding her freckles. I was like, huh?! Cos my mom usually doesn't go for stuff like that - she's into no-frills lines like Estee Lauder, Lancome and Clinique which are more for mummies, while I'd associate YSL with younger women.

So I was discouraging her, telling her that it's only good for highlighting but doesn't have really good coverage, and she's like, how do you know?! So I described Makeup Alley to her. Then she started asking about everything else, like stuff from Benefit! Omg. I really don't think much of Benefit, it's only about the packaging and it's overpriced. Then I told her about StriVectin and Hylexin, and she got really excited. And then I told her the price - and she was like, Hmm. Hahaha!!

Up till now I haven't had time to relax after the exams! Both yesterday and today I was working again, but it's all good since I now have new songs to learn - the intermediate majors syllabus! The music's quite cute, especially for allegro. :P

Tomorrow I'll have to wake bright and early again to go to the bank, go for K-box (mehhh), and go shopping with Tracy!!!!! YAYYYY. I wanna go to SkinFood!!!

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