Sunday, May 25, 2008

1st day of GSS

I was very glad to be accosted by people from Mercy Relief on Friday (the start of the Great Singapore Sale!) I had no idea how to donate to the victims of the Sichuan earthquake, and at Orchard, everyone kept shoving their tin cans under my nose so I donated every time they did. I know, Myanmar needs more help, but people don't donate there because you can't be sure that your money goes directly to the victims, which is sad, but that's reality.

Here's the stuff I bought, none of which was on sale or with discount, which is kind of dumb, but yea. (The little stone paperweight (?) on the left is an omiage from my Jap-ex-classmate. Nobody knows what it's for, but it's cute, lol.) From left: Muji SPF40 Sun Lotion, Muji Cleansing Oil, Ettusais flat liquid design foundation, Ettusais Acne Whitening UV SPF24 Dry Block. Will do reviews soon!

We went to the Muji at Paragon and it was really hard to stop myself from buying all the skincare products. The bottles are so minimalist and pretty! Especially the humongous toner bottles, I can imagine sticking a long-stemmed flower in it. I also love Clinique's toner bottles, they're so cylindrical, y'know? Pity they smell funny (very strongly of alcohol) even after I rinse them out.

We had lunch at Pepper Lunch and tried out the new Sukiyaki Beef set. It's really good! Then we had tea at Han's where I tested the macro mode of my camera.

Yin yang. It's confirmed - I've 100% most definitely kicked the coffee habit cos after I drank this, I couldn't sleep at night. And it's just a mixture of coffee and tea. I love yin yang though, it tastes so good! It's a taste that you can't recreate at home.

Rumball. Looks yummy, but a bit too nutty and cloying for me.

My favourite blueberry crumble pie!


After that I went to get a cake for Wendy's birthday (which was yesterday). She's 22! (Vingt deux is my lucky number!) I was supposed to return $$ to Samantha but that woman flew off to catch her plane straight after her last exam! Omg, it all sounds so dramatic. O_o

Anyway I also had dinner with Ming Li at Fish&Co the other evening. We had lots of mussels, yum!! :D You know there are orange mussels and white mussels, right? I've always wondered what's the difference. Guess what? Ming Li says it's because they're of a different gender!!! (I just went to Google it and yes! Females are orange, males are white.) Cool!!! Hahaha!

Lastly, I'm clearing out my books. If anyone wants one, gimme a holler and I'll bring whatever book you want the next time I see you. I desperately need to free up prime real estate on my bookshelves!

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