Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Review: BB Creams

I have a French test tomorrow, but I'm lazy, so ta-dah!! Presenting my puny collection of BB creams.
bb cream

Swatches, from left - Scandal Magic, Coogi Flowertox, SkinFood Aloe (Shade 1 Light), SkinFood Aloe (Shade 2 Natural).

Scandal Magic
Looking at the photo, you can tell that the colour's way duller than the others, which is why I don't like it. It blends ok, has pretty good oil control, matte medium buildable coverage and smells nice, but the colour's just lifeless and wrong. It's pretty cheap, you can get it from SASA at $19.90 for a 50g tube.

Coogi Flowertox 3 Action Super BB Cream SPF 25 PA++
This has a pink-toned colour which blends easily (it's quite runny), smells flowery and provides light to medium coverage that's not very buildable. Positive - it controls shine really really well, not matte but in a nice glowy way. Negative - it oxidises. I think they're having a sale for this in Korea so it's really cheap over there, but you'll definitely get a little ripped off if you purchase it from a middle-manwoman. It's available in 30g and 50g tubes.

SkinFood Aloe Sun Blemish Balm Cream SPF 20 PA++
This is my sort-of favourite. It smells really pleasant and sweet, blends ok (it has a thicker texture so you really need to moisturise first), and provides medium buildable coverage enough to partially conceal eye circles. It's passable at shine-control. I prefer the Fair over the Natural shade because Fair's more yellow-based while Natural has a pink undertone, but you can actually mix both shades together to create your custom shade. This costs $38 at SkinFood for a 50g tube.

Right now I'm quite over BB creams cos as a MAC NC25-30, the shades are all a little off, so I passed them all to my mom who looks amazing and glowy in SkinFood Aloe Shade 1 - she's very fair so it matches perfectly and makes her skin look really creamy. Seriously, my ex-tutor complimented her skin and my mom recommended the BB cream to her! (I wasn't at home at the time, so my mom took it from my room and showed it to her. Haha!)

Maybe I'll try them again if I get fairer. (They'll probably suit skintones of MAC NC25 and below best.) Oh, and you're always supposed to use makeup remover/cleansing oil to remove BB creams, or you might break out. The most irritating thing of all is that my mom's so lazy, she doesn't remove it, yet her skin is like crazy-good. -_-U

My mom is so lucky to have a daughter like me who introduces and gives her such great stuff for free all the time! Haha!

Oh, if anyone wants samples, please ask from me! My mom can't finish them all cos she still has tonnes of products her wonderful daughters bought for her! And I'm thinking about selling my SkinFood Aloe in Shade 2 Natural, I only tested it once, so tell me if anyone wants it!

[Background info: BB creams are a Korean invention, they have healing properties and stuff like that to help skin recover from cosmetic procedures. They've mentioned BB creams in 8Days and CLEO, but I got into them way before the articles were published, so there!] :P

[Update on July 10, 2008 - I still have samples of Aloe Sun BB Cream in Shades 1 and 2, Coogi Flowertox, Scandal Magic, and Dr Jart Black Label Detox! I also have a brand-new tube of Aloe Sun BB Cream in Shade 2, and a brand-new tube of Dr Jart Black Label Detox to let go.]


fr3b said...


I would like to invite you to join our community =D

Thank you & hope you do not mind me commenting here.

Anonymous said...

hello! i`m interested to get samples for coogi flowertox.

How much do you charge?

thanks. :)

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi anonymous, i've mailed ya!

screamtilldrop said...

Hi, saw ur post regarding BB cream. Would like to get samples for Skinfood Aloe BB cream in Shade 1.

how much are u charging?

thanks babe!

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi screamtilldrop,

i've emailed ya! (:

earthtozen said...

hello, interested in the skinfood bb cream samples. charges? :) thanks.

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi earthtozen,

emailed ya! (:

Anonymous said...

Hello! Do you still have samples for coogi flowertox?

My email:

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

Hi anonymous,

emailed ya! (:



Do you still have samples for coogi?

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi xtralicious,

yep i still have samples of coogi. please email me at fionastar[at]gmail[dot]com for details, thanks!

Anonymous said...

i'm interested at the skinfood aloe #2 brand new tube (with only one use before right?). Can let me know your selling price? thx!
can contact me at

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

Hi vivcyber,


Anonymous said...

pls email me at on samples for skinfood & coogi. Thanks

winnie~ said...

hi, i hope i'm not too late!

i'm interested in samples of the coogi flowertox and the brand new tube of skinfood aloe shade #2. how much are you selling it for?

contact me at

thank you!

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

to the two ladies above,

you've got mail!

nat said...

Would like to get the tube of skinfood aloe #2 only if you are willing to let go @ $29 :) Sorry if the quote is abit low. do link your blog when u email :) THANKS!!

Btw ah, #1 is really for those w very fair skin ah? :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, I hope you still have some samples of skinfood aloe in both shades.

Email me ( you do and let me know the cost to ship to Canada.

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello, wondering if you would still have any Skinfood samples? Please email me at "lemon ice block [at] hotmail [dot] com" (with no spaces). Thank you!

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...


also, fyi, for any interested parties - I only ship to local Singapore addresses and I do not do meet-ups.

here's a list of BB cream samples available:
-skinfood aloe shade 1
-skinfood aloe shade 2
-dr jart black label detox
-scandal magic bb cream

thanks, do feel free to ask away if your interested in the above. (:

Anonymous said...

i'm interested at the COOGI Flowertox 3 Action BB Cream. Can let me know your selling price? thx!
can contact me at

Vivien said...

i'm interested at the COOGI Flowertox 3 Action BB Cream. Can let me know your selling price? thx!
can contact me at
please email me

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi vivien, mailed you!

Cindy said...

i'm interested in a sample of your skin food bb cream #1 (and any other sample of the same tone that you have). I'm not sure what you have left, so shoot me an email -->


Anonymous said...

Hi, Im interest to get smaples for Skinfood Aloe Sun BB Cream #1, how much???


Rachel Chung said...


Can email me at

Interested in the Skinfood Aloe #1


Anonymous said...

How much do you chage for the samples?
I live in Canada

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the interest and I apologise for the late replies but I am no longer selling samples of BB cream. Do check out, I believe she sells Skinfood BB Creams, but I'm not sure if she does samples. (:

Lilyvanille said...


I'm considering buying a Skinfood Aloe BB cream and I'm hesitating between the shades.

I don't have any MAC reference but according to Everyday Minerals, I'm between Golden- Winged Butter,Golden- Medium Tan (for summer^^)and
Beige- Light Medium.

I have a darker skin than yours, with yellow undertone (as my mom is Japanese^^) although it's quite rainy here in France (haha I've just found out we had many common interests: beauty, Japan, France and we're both 20!^^).

Thanks for your advice!

feeyona said...

Hi Lilyvanille,

Thanks for reading! By your EDM shades (I mix in Winged Butter for myself as well!), I guess you could try Skinfood Aloe in shade 2, but you should definitely use it lightly because it's a bit fair for me as well. Hope it helps! (:

Skinfood Canada said...

I'm Skinfood fan too.Nice stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! Can you do a review on missha m bb creme? I've been doing sooooo much bb cream research! I just wanna know wat u think of it. Thnx!!!!!


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