Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I haven't been keeping up with the news til about a week ago cos I was holed up in hall for exams, but I only became aware of how big the HFMD (hand-foot-mouth disease) outbreak/threat was this past weekend, when I went to work and noticed a huge pump bottle of blue anti-microbial liquid on top of the piano. Apparently some of the kids have gotten it as well, but mild forms only. The HFMD photos in the news look so scary! Eww.

So I had my first French class yesterday! It was interesting. :P Pronunciation was a pain though. We have like, 3.5 hours of class twice a week for 5 weeks, with the exam straight after that, so the pace is pretty fast. Ah well, I think I'll rewatch Amelie and get my sister's Pink Martini albums out to listen in the hopes that some of that stuff will ooze into my head through knowledge-osmosis.


...et voilà!

That's an old corduroy jacket of mine. I remember seeing something like that on some craft site, or maybe Susie Bubble's blog. I cut the sleeves short and tucked them inside-out to make pockets! I should have done a shot of me putting my hands into them but I forgot.

Looking at the photos, I do think I should go jogging. Maybe tomorrow...

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