Sunday, May 11, 2008


is the best bread ever. YUMMM!!!!!!!

I know I've kicked the coffee habit because the other day, I went out to Starbucks, had a tall caramel mach at 3pm, and couldn't fall asleep that night.

Anyway, the other day, I managed to catch an episode of Survivor, where this Eric dude actually gives up his immunity to this other girl just to "redeem" himself. (He was in the final 5 and the rest were all girls, and they were complaining that he was fickle cos he said different things to each of them). In the end all the girls voted against him and he got out. I haven't been following Survivor at all, but I just found it so sad! "Let this be a life lesson," Jeff Probst said, and I felt kind of depressed. Those evil bitches!

I went to Cafe Cartel the other day with Tzu Wei. They've got good student deals - perhaps it's cos I'm not quite a student that I think it's affordable. Maybe it's not so for secondary school kids. :P I just love the bread there so much, I kept eating and eating till 5.30pm, and if Tzu Wei hadn't reminded me that I had a dinner to go to later, I would have happily eaten another basket. :P

Oh, and my sister's back! With stuff.

Cute socks, and amulet, a pouch. My old amulet was red (from the Meiji shrine) but this one's pink, I think from Asakusa. (:

Clinique freebies that I took. She bought so much, she got 3 freebie bags.


There was tonnes of other stuff but they're not all for me. :P I'm busy reading the stack of magazines. And remember I told my mom about Strivectin-SD? Well, my sis bought it in the US where it's apparently way cheaper! Lots of other skin care stuff, plus Shiroi Koibito, other food, kimchi, Choya (my dad refuses to open it grr), and like, other stuff. I let Tzu Wei play with my fortune-stick phone dangly. She was quite... unfortunate. Haha!

I have also been trying to clean my room up. It's insane that I'm 19 and still share a room. (I live in a freaking flat. The rooms are like crazily small.) I need a wardrobe with at least 3 doors! My clothes are spilling out of my poor closet, I keep them in boxes underneath my bed as well, and that's after I filled a bag to give to charity. -_-U And my keyboard is resting on the piano chair. I can't take the mess!

My old poster fell off so I replaced it:

I still have the NEWS poster, rolled up in my closet... I have no idea where I should stick it... If I put it up at home my mom will be like OMG why do you like these effeminate guys?! And if I put it up in hall my friends will be like OMG why do you like these effeminate guys?! -shrugs-

Ah well, I'm off to dinner! Ciao!

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