Monday, May 26, 2008


Ooh baby am I in a good mood today! I had a spur-of-the-moment decision after French lesson to cut my hair, and I did! I look kind of butch-ish now, but heck! The weather's been so hot these days, I need to cool down!

And the guy who did my hair is... kinda cute! You knowww, in the non-conventional, blur, Fiona's type-ish way. (Same old, same old. My preferences never change much.) He wore the type of dress shirt that you know I love, the sleeves ending after the elbow, and I love it cos it shows off the forearms and I love skinny-ish, toned forearms. -faints- Ok, he's new and he cuts like really slow, so he asked if I was in a hurry. "No, no," I reassured him. HAHAHA.

I'll be playing for CSTD summer school starting tomorrow, at my old ballet place. Wish me luck, cos I don't actually have a clue what to play.

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