Monday, May 19, 2008

Kimchi Ramyeun

gyukaku kimchi

gyukaku kimchi2

My sister brought 2 jars of Gyukaku Kimchi back from Japan. All the kimchi I've tried in Singapore have tasted herbal and funny, but this one tastes really sour and spicy! Perhaps it's not authentic, but I like it. (:

DSC04724 DSC04725

So I tried making kimchi ramyeun yesterday. I think it tastes better in the soup, so it's not that sour. Yes, I love raw egg. The photos don't do it justice, I was too busy eating to bother to take photos properly.

Anyway, this year's cut-off points for hall is 15. Last year it was 13. (The maximum points anyone can get is 18.) It's high isn't it?! (I got 6 points for home distance, 9 points for being the main committee of a club which shall remain unnamed - don't ask.) I was like, gosh, thank God I made it! Luckily I perservered even though I was so damn tired - I was in the social subcomm of my hall as well, and in the freshman orientation camp also (which is coming right up in July, happy days...)

I'm just thankful that my efforts have not gone to waste. (: Going for dinner now!

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