Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bok Choy

Before my sister went overseas, she told me to water her bokchoy for her, one tablespoon every two days. She'd just planted them the day before. -_-U Well done! So it's all up to me to take care of them in the crucial stage.
day 1
day 2
day 3
day 5
day 6

I love Day 6's the most, don't you love the way the sunlight filters through the leaves? It looks a bit like a four leaf clover too!

She's coming back on Wednesday so my work will be done soon. Bok choy can be harvested in 45 days! (If you have no idea what bokchoy is, my mom says it's xiao bai cai!)

Today I went for senior camp. My first time back at Hall 15 in 2 months. :P

Friday, June 27, 2008

ジャスリンさん の 誕生日

Chocolate-banana cake from Secret Recipe. We tried to explain to Kawaguchi-sensei, and she was like, "Eh?" cos she thought the recipe was secret, then we were like, that's the shop's name!
Potato chips. :D
Jaslyn's house is very pretty! This isn't her house, but we went to visit her house which was a couple of blocks away and she has a mini-walk-in-closet which was cool!

Sensei came over after work and we chatted and came up with stuff like Takoyaki-mura (Takuya Kimura). HAHAHA. And she likes Ikuta Toma too, YAYYYY. One thing I found interesting was that she found it funny that we call little girls and boys "Ah-Girl" and "Ah-Boy", and after thinking about it, it is kinda strange! Imagine saying "Onna-no-ko" or "Otoko-no-ko" to little Japanese kids. Imagine saying "Xiao-Nu-Hai" or "Xiao-Nan-Hai" to little Chinese kids. Weird! Then again, it's our little piece of Singaporean 'culture'. Haha! I find talking like that really helps me to remember vocabulary and sentence structures, but they're half a term ahead of me, so some words I'm not familiar with.

I doubt I'll have a 21st birthday party myself, I've talked to my mom about exchanging it for a plane trip. Who wants to go tour with me next December? :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Mushroom and Chicken Potpie - mine! With salad and iced tea... I liked the iced tea, but the others didn't though...
Su Hui and Jolencia had clam chowder and prawn wraps...
Zhi Yu had the mushroom soup that my sis loves so much -_-U She says it's good though... I still haven't tried it! Haha. Min Li had the Tokyo Chicken Stew which my younger sis and I love! Don't have a photo, but it tastes better than it looks! Plus I think it's the least fattening soup. :P
Me and the woman who just came back from Shanghai and bought like 7 bags and who got an $80 haircut and thinks an $80 haircut has better value than an $80 pair of shoes. Haha! Omg her Shanghai days sound so funny...
Yayness! (I'm out of creativity for captions if you can't tell)
Her 1st photo which she didn't want cos she thought it wasn't cute enuff.
Her 2nd photo which she was reasonably satisfied with but why is there a strange guy behind?
omgcute omgcute

Therefore, I present to you the ultimate cuteness!!! :D [They didn't want to take neoprints cos they said it's childish, BOO! And they said I could decorate it in photoshop so here you go hahaha!!! And it's tiny too! I have the bigger version also hahahahaha.]

I seriously had a great day today... Thanks to Min Li for organising everything! We had dinner at The Soup Spoon at Bugis (my recommendation haha but I'll still go to the Paragon one next time) and shopped around and I bought 6 tops in total, with lots of camisoles, whee!

And we went to Bugis Street as well and it was very fun, we kept looking at sweet flowery country-ish things that both Min Li and I like. XD And I bought a puff-sleeved top that I liked for my younger sister (cos I don't like puff sleeves, but I just liked the design cos it had tailored stripes and grosgrain ribbons), and I told her it was her birthday present even though her birthday's in like October like me. Hahaha!!! Nah I'll probably get her something on impulse again next time.

Anyway Min Li and Su Hui say that there's this module we're taking next sem in which we'll probably need to wear makeup (for presentations?) and wear formal attire. The information kind of soothes my conscience which was kind of disturbed for having spent so much on cosmetics and stuff. :(

I popped by the Anna Sui counter today to take a look at the flat-top blusher brush, it's so pretty and soft!!! I haven't tried it at blending though... I think I might get it next month. The term holidays and senior camp this weekend mean that I work less and thus earn less, so I have to restrain myself. :( Photos of my past hauls soon! :D

Monday, June 23, 2008


I love apples!

Oops, wrong photo, sorry. :P I love Apples!

I made my own handcrafted felt badges to profess my love!

The classic white Ipod which is my personal favourite cos it looks so minimalist and Zen and pretty, and matches my plain no-frills Muji stuff!

The Red U2 Ipod! Hahaha!

The discontinued pink Ipod Mini - I wish I had it, it was really cute. (The photo's a little blur but it's because it's taken with an old digital camera of mine.)

And the green Ipod mini! I love pink and green. ^^ I really love the shape and design of the old Ipod minis, I think they're way cuter than the Nanos!

I get a lot of people asking me why I bought the classic Ipod instead of the Nanos. I can't really explain, it's probably cos I wanted to put loads of stuff into it, but anyway, it's just simply... classic! And I got the Apple radio add-on for it too! And it's very useful, I know my friend loaded the entire contents of her hard drive into her Apple when her computer crashed. Imagine that!

Then again, I might get a Nano one day cos it's flash-based so you can actually exercise with it. (Mine is hard-disk based.) Plus it looks like a candy bar! And it goes with the Nike + Ipod Sport Kit which is way cool... but I'll probably have to start jogging regularly first. -cough cough-

So anyway... J'adore la Pomme! (I love Apple!)

get your apple here:

[this blog post is for the NuffNang Apple Contest!]

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mon Bébé!

Everyone, say hello to my baby!!!
The Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS. It retails at $599, but I got it for less. (: I bought it after much deliberation. (My second choice was Panasonic, but I preferred the warmer colours produced by Canon. My dad was like, it can be changed in Photoshop! But whatever!)

Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow?

You can slot a message behind, in her obi! (I think that's what it's called...) Cute huh?
If my origami bookmarks are well-received, I'll make more in other designs for Natsu Matsuri! (Summer Festival) It takes really long for me to make one though, but I'm having holidays, so! :D

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Randomness - while studying for my French exam, I realised that the Korean skincare brand, Laneige, means 'snow' in French! La neige=snow. Cool! And also, when I was looking at the word 'mort', it hit me that in Harry Potter, Voldemort means "Flight of Death" as in, vol de mort. Like, wow.

I am like totally bored. I refuse to take any photos until I get my camera!! It's been so annoying, my sister and my dad want me to go to Sim Lim Square to check out the prices and stuff cos apparently stuff is cheaper there, but it's so troublesome! I'm not one of those aunties who like to ask for discounts, and I don't really mind paying extra for convenience, but hey, it's a learning point, I need to 'suffer' for my reward, so. The 2 of them have been quite helpful though, and my dad has been scanning the papers and going to the PC shows and various electrical stores to check the models out.

Basically, I want a camera which is pretty, takes good macro shots, at least 3x optical zoom and has at least 7 megapixels. But once I pick one, my sister will be like, "No! This is not good!" and then I'll have to choose again! OMG. And every day my dad comes home telling me about some new model I should consider. -_-U So annoying right?! And I'm the one paying ok! (At first my budget was quite small, but as they introduced more models to me, I started expanding my budget. -_-U)

And then my sister was like, "You'd better not go to Sim Lim Square alone, once you open your mouth the uncle will know you're a cai tou!" Because I am a vegetable head who doesn't know how to gauge the contrast in dimly lit conditions etc etc, and I have no idea how to haggle. (Apparently you can get some discount if you pay in cash. It should be true cos my Jap classmate helped my Jap sensei buy one there, and I overheard about the cash payment = discount part. And apparently if you buy cameras with a bunch of your friends, you get discounts as well! Hmm.)

So I'm going with my dad on Friday.


Anyway, I have an announcement! I have discovered the origins of the "watery" in Missha Watery BB cream! (I don't have the tube; I bought a sample from someone. And silly me, I broke the jar. -_-U)

It emulsifies in water!!!

It is not waterproof. I splashed my face with water and looked in the mirror to find a milky-faced me. I suppose they thought it'd be convenient, like 'it washes off easily with just warm water!' but I don't buy it. What if it rains?! The raindrops in Singapore are so fat and juicy, they'll surely dissolve it away. It did survive a light misting of Evian Brumisateur though. And it doesn't wash clean away, only the top layer emulsifies.

Now for a more detailed review (no swatches here till I get my new camera, I'm so excited): It's the darkest shade of BB cream I've come across, even darker than Dr Jart Black Label Detox, so I guess it'd suit MAC NC35. Sheer coverage, with a watery blendable texture, but it doesn't conceal well, just evens out skintone. It has SPF27 which is pretty good, and it smells powdery, like floral talc - not unpleasant, but a wee bit on the granny-ish side to me. Oil control's not bad, so it'd be a great try for tanned girls, if you ignore the fact that it emulsifies! (I'm still reeling from the shock of seeing my face sopping with the milky emulsion in the mirror.) Maybe it could be prevented by dusting a waterproof loose powder (like Chacott) over it.

Speaking of emulsification, I realised that SkinFood's Peach Sake Sun Lotion is not waterproof either. So when you splash your face with water, it emulsifies as well. I shall have to try and see if I can counter that by putting a waterproof BB cream over it, or maybe waterproof loose powder.

And I really don't think it's unreasonable to expect sunscreen/BB cream to be waterproof - we live in a rainy country!

Off to study Japanese now, ta!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt

Haven't posted in a week, cos I was kind of sick. And lots of other things happened, which I shall classify vaguely under "stuff".
The view from the waiting room. I went to the dentist, who's a friend of my mom, and she discovered I have 2 new cavities! OMG. The result of eating too many sugary cookies and drinking too much sugary milk tea... ;_;

I'm kind of lazy to type. I've been searching for a camera lately, I'm hoping I can debut it in my next post. :P Ciao.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Petite Poupée de Papier

C'est jolie, n'est-ce pas?

That's what I've been using my origami papers for, and I recently bought 500 grams of coloured paper (that's like half a kg!) plus a craft punch. Will be making more of these pretties, wait and see!

Oh, and I'm proud to announce that I've officially finished reading Kafka's The Trial! I'm like, so totally intellectual. It was a tough book to get through, even for me. (I can pretty much force myself through any book that a normal person would faint at.) It's partly because he creates this horrible, surreal and nightmare-ish atmosphere which I don't like, because I detest feeling disturbed. Also, his long rambling sentences and paragraphs (which can be pages long) hampers reading. It's a neat piece of social criticism though it's difficult gleaning his meaning.

Perhaps, another day, when I'm feeling up to it, I shall attempt to read The Metamorphosis, The Castle, The Judgement, In the Penal Colony...

And I hear an 05S33 class outing is in the making!!! Hahaha! Like, finally! It can be a nice farewell dinner for Miss Noo who is going to Canada in August!!! Woo! (May she meet hot foreign dudes who look like Louis Koo!!! Hahaha!!!) I'm looking forward to it, I hear someone has lost a whole lot of weight! Hahaha!

My sister is making dinner, it smells good!! It's inspired by some food she tar-paued from Shokudo and The Soup Spoon yesterday. Shokudo makes pretty good kimchi, except it's a little dry and the portion is humongous. And I must visit The Soup Spoon one day! I love soup! I don't really like the creamy mushroom one (which my sister is strangely fond of) but I like the Tokyo one!! It's delish!!! I can't remember the name, but it's called Tokyo-something and it contains chicken, chives, carrots, bamboo shoots, cute long skinny mushrooms, wintermelon, onions... YUMMM.

Ok, dinner beckons. À bientôt!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ginseng Power!!

Recent haul - Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Hello Kitty utensils case, origami papers and a huge pink plastic file to hold my notes when school starts in 1 and half months' time. :(
I was supposed to watch Sweet Rain/Accuracy of Death (the movie starring Takeshi Kaneshiro as a Death God) on Wednesday but the tickets were sold out! So Jaslyn, Wendy, WeiKiat and I went to have dinner instead. (Speaking of Wendy, I currently have 5 Wendys in my phone records because there's a new Wendy I met in French class, gosh!)

We ate at the Korean BBQ Chicken restaurant at Cineleisure - yes, the hot pink one at the basement, with the huge screen that airs Tohoshinki/DBSK videos and concerts!!! Woot!!! Jaslyn and I like U-know best while Wendy likes Hero:

Jaslyn:"U-know, u-know, u-know?"
Fiona:"I know I know I know!!!"
Wendy:" -_-U I dunno I dunno I dunno..."

As for the food... I recommended the Ginseng Power Crisp that I had with Tracy the last time, hahaha! I had the chicken tortilla this time, and iced chocolate. 2 tortillas with french fries and salad = too much food. -faints- I do think it can be shared. Plus the salad came with at least 2 tablespoons of thousand island dressing, which means at least 200 calories alone from the dressing!!! -shudder- Oh well, I hope it all goes to my chest. (Speaking of chest, I saw Mr Papaya-milk that day at PS, but I didn't take note of his moobs-building progress. I vaguely remember he said he'd stopped papaya milk though, and switched to soy milk or something. I like soy milk! But... -shrug-)

Jaslyn's going to further her studies so she probably won't be continuing Jap lessons next year, and the others are also probably not, but Wendy's definitely continuing. I don't know if I should continue. :x I wouldn't want to screw up my results just for Jap.

So my results this semester were just so-so. (They were released on Wednesday midnight!) I'm very thankful to have passed econs though!!! It's like, hallelujah!!! Because I seriously did less than 50% of the final paper which accounted for 70% of the grade... so I suppose the prof pitied me? I liked the prof, he could be cranky and egoistic at times but thus oh-so-amusant-et-adorable!

Anyway, recently I overheard a conversation my mom had with a fat little Primary 6 student of hers -

Boy: I'm going to XXX later with my mummy!! (some place I can't remember)
Mum: Oh, going shopping?
Boy: No, going for lunch!
Mum: Huh, are there eating places there? (apparently there are no restaurants at that place)
Boy: Ya, MacDonald's lor! :D

Lol! Kids are so easily bribed with fast-food! I used to love MacDonald's, but now I can't stand it. :P So then my mum started lecturing him about how unhealthy fast food was, "Don't eat French fries, they cause cancer!!!" Lol.

A package just came for me and I got a scolding. Shall reveal it next time!

P.S. You may have noticed, but I hardly ever appear on MSN messenger these days (except for when I had to do my French project). That's because I've moved home!!! (There are so many more interesting things to do at home than to go on MSN) So I didn't block anyone or anything ok? Sms me or something! Bisoux!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gyu-kaku @ Chijmes

Remember the Gyukaku kimchi? Well, my sister discovered that Gyukaku has restaurants in Singapore as well. We went to the one at Chijmes yesterday to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had beef, venison, scallops, prawns ($10 each -faints-), asparagus, mushrooms and seaweed soup. I had grapefruit juice as well, it was yummy. (I really like grapefruit, apparently it helps you eat less, and energises you.)

I really liked the scallops! They're humongous and fresh and yummy, in a slurpingly good garlic and butter sauce! And roasted mushrooms taste surprisingly good. You can dip your meat in 2 types of sauces - the one on the right tastes way better. (Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are.) And you know, when I was eating the $10 prawn, I had no idea it was $10? So I didn't savour it with the amount of reverence it deserved... Haha! It tasted beyond. It came with a chilli soy sauce dip which was (according to my dad) really hot, but I didn't try it cos I can't take hot stuff. :P

Not bad, the food's quite reasonably priced if you avoid the seafood, and the ambience is good. Like an upscale version of Seoul Garden.

Also in yesterday's news - I've finished my French role play! It was très intéressant! There was this group, they had 2 guys and a girl, and they were given this situation where the guys are supposed to ask the girl out. They meet each other, talk about their interests, then...

In French:
Guy A: Do you wanna go to the discotheque? -boogying movements-
Girl: Nah... I don't like it.
Guy B: Do you wanna go (do something fun which I can't remember)?
Girl: No... I prefer to go to the museum (or somewhere boring, I can't remember).
Guy A: Do you wanna go to... l'hotel?
Girl: -gasp- NON!!!
Both guys: You're not amusing at all!!!

Hahaha!!! And there was another pair of guys, who were talking about travelling, and which country they preferred:

A: I've been to France, it's fantastic!
B: Oh, have you been to Singapour?
A: Ah, I don't like Singapour...
B: Why not?
A: C'est ennuyeux... (It's boring!) And it's petit (small).
B: Why do you like France?
A: Because I like to go walking in the mountains!
B: Ah, but I prefer petit montagnes! (small mountains!)

Hahahaha!!! Gosh they were funny.

Now I've got to work on my presentation. A month passes so quickly! I still remember on my first lesson I was very sad because everyone had applied for special sem with their friends and I was alone, but I got to meet new people. (: Soon we will have to bid each other au revoir...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Beauty of Beethoven

On Friday I went to the Esplanade straight after summer school to do my French project with my classmates. I had totally forgotten that I was supposed to go to a concert that night so it was good that we'd arranged to meet there! Haha! Our project is on Monet, Manet and Impressionism. I chose Impressionism because it's so fascinating - it's pretty much an optical illusion. Instead of blending colours, you use little dots of primary colours that don't look good up close, but transform into amazingly fresh secondary colours from a distance as your eyes mix the colours up for you. Clever isn't it? It makes colours appear purer and more vibrant, plus all the paintings are about how light washes the object or the scene. Très magnifique!

I realised that both my group members had S/Ued French, and that lots of my classmates have S/Ued as well, which was quite surprising to me. Ah well, I'd better mug then. I haven't been studying consciously - I just take my French notes out to read when I'm on the MRT going for French. And I only read for about 10 mins, cos it makes me sleepy and I'll nap for the rest of the long journey.

So after that, I had dinner at Cafe Cartel with my sisters and we went to watch The Beauty of Beethoven. The programme was thus:

  • The Creatures of Prometheus: Overture, Op. 43
  • Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61
  • Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92
It was a gala featuring Leila Josefowicz who's a really engaging violinist. She's really expressive and I am truly enamoured of her. I read this article about her and one quote just about sums up what I totally agree with - "In the end, technical conventions don’t really matter as long as you get your point across." Music's more about successfully and accurately conveying your message, rather than stuffy, rigid rules. Also, you musn't forget the importance of good body language, it makes for a much more enjoyable performance! She has great body language and she has biceps of steel! She can really bow strongly, and you can see how she flexes her muscles. -faints- Sheer inspiration.

Anyway, once the Symphony No. 7 in A Major started, my sister was like, "Doesn't this sound familiar?" It was the music from Nodame Cantabile! Hahaha! I almost burst out laughing. It was interesting listening to the difference. After the concert, we had a browse around Marina Square which was open for late night shopping. Topshop has black fishnets at $9 and maroon leggings at $13!! My mom likes fishnets, my sis thinks they're trashy. Please help me make up my mind?
Then back at home, I switched the telly on to watch House, but when the commercials were on I started channel-surfing and chanced upon this Korean movie, "Windstruck". It was so touching!! On hindsight, it lacks substance and has too many close-up shots of Jun Ji Hyun (to captivate the male audience I suppose), but it's still a very nice movie. Your eyes will become extremely dehydrated after watching it, I assure you! If not, you have a heart of stone. :P I watched it till 1.45am though I still had to work the next day.

(The funniest part was when Kyung-Jin told Myungwoo about the legend of why people join pinkies to make a promise. There was a princess who had many suitors, so in order to find The One, she stuck out a finger behind her back and made them guess which it was. The 1st guy stuck out his thumb, the 2nd guy stuck out his index finger, the 3rd guy was met with a gasp and a slap from the princess [HAHAHA!!!], the 4th guy stuck out his ring finger and of course the last guy got it right with his pinky.)

Suffice to say, I was totally stoned on Saturday morning. I had to break my coffee fast, and I was quite broke, so Starbucks was out of the question. There's this little Each-a-Cup outlet at Parkway, and it's not bad, so when the maid in front of me ordered an Oreo Coffee, I decided to order one too! And it's totally yummy for a $2.40 drink. I'm totally craving it now! I'm quite glad to have found a cheaper coffee option. XD
During break, I went to Gramophone to enquire about Jeux d'enfants (Love Me if You Dare), but they had been out of stock for months and I was so miserable! Then I went home and realised my sister has the VCD.-_-U

Here's a video of the slapping dare:

The storyline seems nice and all and during the childhood scenes, it's stylistically similar to Amelie. Thing is, Amelie's a happy movie while Jeux d'enfants has dark undertones. The dares seem harmless at first but then you realise they are seriously creepy, and the movie ends with the couple reunited happily, oblivious to the fact that they're being buried alive in wet concrete. And so they become immured in a slab of concrete for eternity. Disturbing, no? The part about unrequited love might elicit sympathy at first, but after seeing how their dares are selfish and juvenile and hurtful to the other party, you won't feel so sympathetic anymore.

I didn't particularly enjoy it because I don't appreciate being left feeling deeply disturbed after a movie, but it is interesting, so do watch it if you get a chance. I know it screened at the Alliance Francaise recently, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me.

Anyway, I want to watch the Sex and the City movie!!! (:


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