Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Beauty of Beethoven

On Friday I went to the Esplanade straight after summer school to do my French project with my classmates. I had totally forgotten that I was supposed to go to a concert that night so it was good that we'd arranged to meet there! Haha! Our project is on Monet, Manet and Impressionism. I chose Impressionism because it's so fascinating - it's pretty much an optical illusion. Instead of blending colours, you use little dots of primary colours that don't look good up close, but transform into amazingly fresh secondary colours from a distance as your eyes mix the colours up for you. Clever isn't it? It makes colours appear purer and more vibrant, plus all the paintings are about how light washes the object or the scene. Très magnifique!

I realised that both my group members had S/Ued French, and that lots of my classmates have S/Ued as well, which was quite surprising to me. Ah well, I'd better mug then. I haven't been studying consciously - I just take my French notes out to read when I'm on the MRT going for French. And I only read for about 10 mins, cos it makes me sleepy and I'll nap for the rest of the long journey.

So after that, I had dinner at Cafe Cartel with my sisters and we went to watch The Beauty of Beethoven. The programme was thus:

  • The Creatures of Prometheus: Overture, Op. 43
  • Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61
  • Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92
It was a gala featuring Leila Josefowicz who's a really engaging violinist. She's really expressive and I am truly enamoured of her. I read this article about her and one quote just about sums up what I totally agree with - "In the end, technical conventions don’t really matter as long as you get your point across." Music's more about successfully and accurately conveying your message, rather than stuffy, rigid rules. Also, you musn't forget the importance of good body language, it makes for a much more enjoyable performance! She has great body language and she has biceps of steel! She can really bow strongly, and you can see how she flexes her muscles. -faints- Sheer inspiration.

Anyway, once the Symphony No. 7 in A Major started, my sister was like, "Doesn't this sound familiar?" It was the music from Nodame Cantabile! Hahaha! I almost burst out laughing. It was interesting listening to the difference. After the concert, we had a browse around Marina Square which was open for late night shopping. Topshop has black fishnets at $9 and maroon leggings at $13!! My mom likes fishnets, my sis thinks they're trashy. Please help me make up my mind?
Then back at home, I switched the telly on to watch House, but when the commercials were on I started channel-surfing and chanced upon this Korean movie, "Windstruck". It was so touching!! On hindsight, it lacks substance and has too many close-up shots of Jun Ji Hyun (to captivate the male audience I suppose), but it's still a very nice movie. Your eyes will become extremely dehydrated after watching it, I assure you! If not, you have a heart of stone. :P I watched it till 1.45am though I still had to work the next day.

(The funniest part was when Kyung-Jin told Myungwoo about the legend of why people join pinkies to make a promise. There was a princess who had many suitors, so in order to find The One, she stuck out a finger behind her back and made them guess which it was. The 1st guy stuck out his thumb, the 2nd guy stuck out his index finger, the 3rd guy was met with a gasp and a slap from the princess [HAHAHA!!!], the 4th guy stuck out his ring finger and of course the last guy got it right with his pinky.)

Suffice to say, I was totally stoned on Saturday morning. I had to break my coffee fast, and I was quite broke, so Starbucks was out of the question. There's this little Each-a-Cup outlet at Parkway, and it's not bad, so when the maid in front of me ordered an Oreo Coffee, I decided to order one too! And it's totally yummy for a $2.40 drink. I'm totally craving it now! I'm quite glad to have found a cheaper coffee option. XD
During break, I went to Gramophone to enquire about Jeux d'enfants (Love Me if You Dare), but they had been out of stock for months and I was so miserable! Then I went home and realised my sister has the VCD.-_-U

Here's a video of the slapping dare:

The storyline seems nice and all and during the childhood scenes, it's stylistically similar to Amelie. Thing is, Amelie's a happy movie while Jeux d'enfants has dark undertones. The dares seem harmless at first but then you realise they are seriously creepy, and the movie ends with the couple reunited happily, oblivious to the fact that they're being buried alive in wet concrete. And so they become immured in a slab of concrete for eternity. Disturbing, no? The part about unrequited love might elicit sympathy at first, but after seeing how their dares are selfish and juvenile and hurtful to the other party, you won't feel so sympathetic anymore.

I didn't particularly enjoy it because I don't appreciate being left feeling deeply disturbed after a movie, but it is interesting, so do watch it if you get a chance. I know it screened at the Alliance Francaise recently, but I couldn't find anyone to go with me.

Anyway, I want to watch the Sex and the City movie!!! (:

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Kimmy said...

I just watched the movie Love me if you dare. I love movies with the out of reality feel to it. With the day dreams and what not. But I do agree with you that day dreaming is nice to a certain point. That they did play their game too long. And if they weren't so stubborned they could have lived happily ever after. I mean they sort of did. But I mean they shouldn't have married other people to begin with. All in all I found it interesting.


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