Friday, June 27, 2008

ジャスリンさん の 誕生日

Chocolate-banana cake from Secret Recipe. We tried to explain to Kawaguchi-sensei, and she was like, "Eh?" cos she thought the recipe was secret, then we were like, that's the shop's name!
Potato chips. :D
Jaslyn's house is very pretty! This isn't her house, but we went to visit her house which was a couple of blocks away and she has a mini-walk-in-closet which was cool!

Sensei came over after work and we chatted and came up with stuff like Takoyaki-mura (Takuya Kimura). HAHAHA. And she likes Ikuta Toma too, YAYYYY. One thing I found interesting was that she found it funny that we call little girls and boys "Ah-Girl" and "Ah-Boy", and after thinking about it, it is kinda strange! Imagine saying "Onna-no-ko" or "Otoko-no-ko" to little Japanese kids. Imagine saying "Xiao-Nu-Hai" or "Xiao-Nan-Hai" to little Chinese kids. Weird! Then again, it's our little piece of Singaporean 'culture'. Haha! I find talking like that really helps me to remember vocabulary and sentence structures, but they're half a term ahead of me, so some words I'm not familiar with.

I doubt I'll have a 21st birthday party myself, I've talked to my mom about exchanging it for a plane trip. Who wants to go tour with me next December? :D

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