Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Randomness - while studying for my French exam, I realised that the Korean skincare brand, Laneige, means 'snow' in French! La neige=snow. Cool! And also, when I was looking at the word 'mort', it hit me that in Harry Potter, Voldemort means "Flight of Death" as in, vol de mort. Like, wow.

I am like totally bored. I refuse to take any photos until I get my camera!! It's been so annoying, my sister and my dad want me to go to Sim Lim Square to check out the prices and stuff cos apparently stuff is cheaper there, but it's so troublesome! I'm not one of those aunties who like to ask for discounts, and I don't really mind paying extra for convenience, but hey, it's a learning point, I need to 'suffer' for my reward, so. The 2 of them have been quite helpful though, and my dad has been scanning the papers and going to the PC shows and various electrical stores to check the models out.

Basically, I want a camera which is pretty, takes good macro shots, at least 3x optical zoom and has at least 7 megapixels. But once I pick one, my sister will be like, "No! This is not good!" and then I'll have to choose again! OMG. And every day my dad comes home telling me about some new model I should consider. -_-U So annoying right?! And I'm the one paying ok! (At first my budget was quite small, but as they introduced more models to me, I started expanding my budget. -_-U)

And then my sister was like, "You'd better not go to Sim Lim Square alone, once you open your mouth the uncle will know you're a cai tou!" Because I am a vegetable head who doesn't know how to gauge the contrast in dimly lit conditions etc etc, and I have no idea how to haggle. (Apparently you can get some discount if you pay in cash. It should be true cos my Jap classmate helped my Jap sensei buy one there, and I overheard about the cash payment = discount part. And apparently if you buy cameras with a bunch of your friends, you get discounts as well! Hmm.)

So I'm going with my dad on Friday.


Anyway, I have an announcement! I have discovered the origins of the "watery" in Missha Watery BB cream! (I don't have the tube; I bought a sample from someone. And silly me, I broke the jar. -_-U)

It emulsifies in water!!!

It is not waterproof. I splashed my face with water and looked in the mirror to find a milky-faced me. I suppose they thought it'd be convenient, like 'it washes off easily with just warm water!' but I don't buy it. What if it rains?! The raindrops in Singapore are so fat and juicy, they'll surely dissolve it away. It did survive a light misting of Evian Brumisateur though. And it doesn't wash clean away, only the top layer emulsifies.

Now for a more detailed review (no swatches here till I get my new camera, I'm so excited): It's the darkest shade of BB cream I've come across, even darker than Dr Jart Black Label Detox, so I guess it'd suit MAC NC35. Sheer coverage, with a watery blendable texture, but it doesn't conceal well, just evens out skintone. It has SPF27 which is pretty good, and it smells powdery, like floral talc - not unpleasant, but a wee bit on the granny-ish side to me. Oil control's not bad, so it'd be a great try for tanned girls, if you ignore the fact that it emulsifies! (I'm still reeling from the shock of seeing my face sopping with the milky emulsion in the mirror.) Maybe it could be prevented by dusting a waterproof loose powder (like Chacott) over it.

Speaking of emulsification, I realised that SkinFood's Peach Sake Sun Lotion is not waterproof either. So when you splash your face with water, it emulsifies as well. I shall have to try and see if I can counter that by putting a waterproof BB cream over it, or maybe waterproof loose powder.

And I really don't think it's unreasonable to expect sunscreen/BB cream to be waterproof - we live in a rainy country!

Off to study Japanese now, ta!

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