Friday, June 6, 2008

Ginseng Power!!

Recent haul - Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil, Hello Kitty utensils case, origami papers and a huge pink plastic file to hold my notes when school starts in 1 and half months' time. :(
I was supposed to watch Sweet Rain/Accuracy of Death (the movie starring Takeshi Kaneshiro as a Death God) on Wednesday but the tickets were sold out! So Jaslyn, Wendy, WeiKiat and I went to have dinner instead. (Speaking of Wendy, I currently have 5 Wendys in my phone records because there's a new Wendy I met in French class, gosh!)

We ate at the Korean BBQ Chicken restaurant at Cineleisure - yes, the hot pink one at the basement, with the huge screen that airs Tohoshinki/DBSK videos and concerts!!! Woot!!! Jaslyn and I like U-know best while Wendy likes Hero:

Jaslyn:"U-know, u-know, u-know?"
Fiona:"I know I know I know!!!"
Wendy:" -_-U I dunno I dunno I dunno..."

As for the food... I recommended the Ginseng Power Crisp that I had with Tracy the last time, hahaha! I had the chicken tortilla this time, and iced chocolate. 2 tortillas with french fries and salad = too much food. -faints- I do think it can be shared. Plus the salad came with at least 2 tablespoons of thousand island dressing, which means at least 200 calories alone from the dressing!!! -shudder- Oh well, I hope it all goes to my chest. (Speaking of chest, I saw Mr Papaya-milk that day at PS, but I didn't take note of his moobs-building progress. I vaguely remember he said he'd stopped papaya milk though, and switched to soy milk or something. I like soy milk! But... -shrug-)

Jaslyn's going to further her studies so she probably won't be continuing Jap lessons next year, and the others are also probably not, but Wendy's definitely continuing. I don't know if I should continue. :x I wouldn't want to screw up my results just for Jap.

So my results this semester were just so-so. (They were released on Wednesday midnight!) I'm very thankful to have passed econs though!!! It's like, hallelujah!!! Because I seriously did less than 50% of the final paper which accounted for 70% of the grade... so I suppose the prof pitied me? I liked the prof, he could be cranky and egoistic at times but thus oh-so-amusant-et-adorable!

Anyway, recently I overheard a conversation my mom had with a fat little Primary 6 student of hers -

Boy: I'm going to XXX later with my mummy!! (some place I can't remember)
Mum: Oh, going shopping?
Boy: No, going for lunch!
Mum: Huh, are there eating places there? (apparently there are no restaurants at that place)
Boy: Ya, MacDonald's lor! :D

Lol! Kids are so easily bribed with fast-food! I used to love MacDonald's, but now I can't stand it. :P So then my mum started lecturing him about how unhealthy fast food was, "Don't eat French fries, they cause cancer!!!" Lol.

A package just came for me and I got a scolding. Shall reveal it next time!

P.S. You may have noticed, but I hardly ever appear on MSN messenger these days (except for when I had to do my French project). That's because I've moved home!!! (There are so many more interesting things to do at home than to go on MSN) So I didn't block anyone or anything ok? Sms me or something! Bisoux!!

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