Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gyu-kaku @ Chijmes

Remember the Gyukaku kimchi? Well, my sister discovered that Gyukaku has restaurants in Singapore as well. We went to the one at Chijmes yesterday to celebrate my dad's birthday. We had beef, venison, scallops, prawns ($10 each -faints-), asparagus, mushrooms and seaweed soup. I had grapefruit juice as well, it was yummy. (I really like grapefruit, apparently it helps you eat less, and energises you.)

I really liked the scallops! They're humongous and fresh and yummy, in a slurpingly good garlic and butter sauce! And roasted mushrooms taste surprisingly good. You can dip your meat in 2 types of sauces - the one on the right tastes way better. (Unfortunately, I have no idea what they are.) And you know, when I was eating the $10 prawn, I had no idea it was $10? So I didn't savour it with the amount of reverence it deserved... Haha! It tasted beyond. It came with a chilli soy sauce dip which was (according to my dad) really hot, but I didn't try it cos I can't take hot stuff. :P

Not bad, the food's quite reasonably priced if you avoid the seafood, and the ambience is good. Like an upscale version of Seoul Garden.

Also in yesterday's news - I've finished my French role play! It was très intéressant! There was this group, they had 2 guys and a girl, and they were given this situation where the guys are supposed to ask the girl out. They meet each other, talk about their interests, then...

In French:
Guy A: Do you wanna go to the discotheque? -boogying movements-
Girl: Nah... I don't like it.
Guy B: Do you wanna go (do something fun which I can't remember)?
Girl: No... I prefer to go to the museum (or somewhere boring, I can't remember).
Guy A: Do you wanna go to... l'hotel?
Girl: -gasp- NON!!!
Both guys: You're not amusing at all!!!

Hahaha!!! And there was another pair of guys, who were talking about travelling, and which country they preferred:

A: I've been to France, it's fantastic!
B: Oh, have you been to Singapour?
A: Ah, I don't like Singapour...
B: Why not?
A: C'est ennuyeux... (It's boring!) And it's petit (small).
B: Why do you like France?
A: Because I like to go walking in the mountains!
B: Ah, but I prefer petit montagnes! (small mountains!)

Hahahaha!!! Gosh they were funny.

Now I've got to work on my presentation. A month passes so quickly! I still remember on my first lesson I was very sad because everyone had applied for special sem with their friends and I was alone, but I got to meet new people. (: Soon we will have to bid each other au revoir...

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