Monday, June 23, 2008


I love apples!

Oops, wrong photo, sorry. :P I love Apples!

I made my own handcrafted felt badges to profess my love!

The classic white Ipod which is my personal favourite cos it looks so minimalist and Zen and pretty, and matches my plain no-frills Muji stuff!

The Red U2 Ipod! Hahaha!

The discontinued pink Ipod Mini - I wish I had it, it was really cute. (The photo's a little blur but it's because it's taken with an old digital camera of mine.)

And the green Ipod mini! I love pink and green. ^^ I really love the shape and design of the old Ipod minis, I think they're way cuter than the Nanos!

I get a lot of people asking me why I bought the classic Ipod instead of the Nanos. I can't really explain, it's probably cos I wanted to put loads of stuff into it, but anyway, it's just simply... classic! And I got the Apple radio add-on for it too! And it's very useful, I know my friend loaded the entire contents of her hard drive into her Apple when her computer crashed. Imagine that!

Then again, I might get a Nano one day cos it's flash-based so you can actually exercise with it. (Mine is hard-disk based.) Plus it looks like a candy bar! And it goes with the Nike + Ipod Sport Kit which is way cool... but I'll probably have to start jogging regularly first. -cough cough-

So anyway... J'adore la Pomme! (I love Apple!)

get your apple here:

[this blog post is for the NuffNang Apple Contest!]

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