Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mon Bébé!

Everyone, say hello to my baby!!!
The Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS. It retails at $599, but I got it for less. (: I bought it after much deliberation. (My second choice was Panasonic, but I preferred the warmer colours produced by Canon. My dad was like, it can be changed in Photoshop! But whatever!)

Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow?

You can slot a message behind, in her obi! (I think that's what it's called...) Cute huh?
If my origami bookmarks are well-received, I'll make more in other designs for Natsu Matsuri! (Summer Festival) It takes really long for me to make one though, but I'm having holidays, so! :D


VL said...

Your origami doll bookmarks are really pretty! Do you happen to have the diagram/instructions to make those bookmarks?


Fiona Star said...


I don't have instructions to make them cos I just 'freestyled' them out when looking at another girl's Japanese doll bookmarks on Etsy, but it's really easy to figure out just looking at the photo!

You can try it out in your own style - you just need different colours of card paper and origami paper... and a circle template for the head and all that. If you're making a lot and you don't want to measure, you can make your own template for the body part by using a penknife and plastic sheet.



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