Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Mushroom and Chicken Potpie - mine! With salad and iced tea... I liked the iced tea, but the others didn't though...
Su Hui and Jolencia had clam chowder and prawn wraps...
Zhi Yu had the mushroom soup that my sis loves so much -_-U She says it's good though... I still haven't tried it! Haha. Min Li had the Tokyo Chicken Stew which my younger sis and I love! Don't have a photo, but it tastes better than it looks! Plus I think it's the least fattening soup. :P
Me and the woman who just came back from Shanghai and bought like 7 bags and who got an $80 haircut and thinks an $80 haircut has better value than an $80 pair of shoes. Haha! Omg her Shanghai days sound so funny...
Yayness! (I'm out of creativity for captions if you can't tell)
Her 1st photo which she didn't want cos she thought it wasn't cute enuff.
Her 2nd photo which she was reasonably satisfied with but why is there a strange guy behind?
omgcute omgcute

Therefore, I present to you the ultimate cuteness!!! :D [They didn't want to take neoprints cos they said it's childish, BOO! And they said I could decorate it in photoshop so here you go hahaha!!! And it's tiny too! I have the bigger version also hahahahaha.]

I seriously had a great day today... Thanks to Min Li for organising everything! We had dinner at The Soup Spoon at Bugis (my recommendation haha but I'll still go to the Paragon one next time) and shopped around and I bought 6 tops in total, with lots of camisoles, whee!

And we went to Bugis Street as well and it was very fun, we kept looking at sweet flowery country-ish things that both Min Li and I like. XD And I bought a puff-sleeved top that I liked for my younger sister (cos I don't like puff sleeves, but I just liked the design cos it had tailored stripes and grosgrain ribbons), and I told her it was her birthday present even though her birthday's in like October like me. Hahaha!!! Nah I'll probably get her something on impulse again next time.

Anyway Min Li and Su Hui say that there's this module we're taking next sem in which we'll probably need to wear makeup (for presentations?) and wear formal attire. The information kind of soothes my conscience which was kind of disturbed for having spent so much on cosmetics and stuff. :(

I popped by the Anna Sui counter today to take a look at the flat-top blusher brush, it's so pretty and soft!!! I haven't tried it at blending though... I think I might get it next month. The term holidays and senior camp this weekend mean that I work less and thus earn less, so I have to restrain myself. :( Photos of my past hauls soon! :D

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