Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Course registration drives me mad!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRR. And I hit my mouse button with a vengeance, not demurely in the least. My laptop's enter key and mousepad button will never be the same again. Anyway I got 3 modules with as MinLi+Shumin, 1 module with ZY, SuHui and Jo. I will miss Prof Chua!!! ;_;
Watched 10 Promises to my Dog yesterday! I WANT A DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like malteses... (not because of maltesers ok) Jaslyn said her grandma got a maltese a week ago... So cute... -faints- But I don't wanna wait till I'm an old grandma to get a dog... ;_; Anyway, malteses are good apartment dogs! So I'll wait till I get my own hovel. XD

Next time I wanna watch 僕の彼女はサイボーグ (literally My Girlfriend is a Cyborg, or the English title, Cyborg Girl). There's Keisuke as the male lead, he was the 2nd boyfriend in Koizora. ^^

Ok I'm gonna practise my violin now, I just got new packages but I'm too depressed over my sucky timetable to unveil them, blahhhhhh.

if you're lost you can look and you will find me
time after time
if you fall I will catch you, I'll be waiting
time after time

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