Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Aspirin Mask!

Le masque de l'aspirine.

I finally tried the aspirin mask! I'm now officially a xhardcorex MUA-er! Yea.

1. Take 3 uncoated aspirin tablets. (I have no idea if mine is coated or not, this is the only brand of aspirin I could find. I think 'coated' means they're covered with a protective layer of enteric which supposedly prevents the tablet from dissolving easily.) Use less if your skin's sensitive; more if your skin is horrible and needs the exfoliation.
2. Spray some water and they'll dissolve into little aspirin crystals! (I use Evian Brumisateur - I doubt it makes a significant difference, but it makes me feel good!)

3. Add in some honey to taste! (Organic preferably.) A teaspoon will do or the mixture will end up too runny and drip all over your face. (Cetaphil can be used in place of honey for extra cleansing, but honey's anti-bacterial - and once I'm done adding the honey, I get to lick the spoon. ^^)

4. Stir! The aspirin crystals will dissolve somewhat into a sort of emulsion. Then smear it all onto your face, wait 5-10 minutes, wet your face a bit and scrub a little. (I don't really scrub a lot, I find the crystals a little harsh.)

5. Wash it off, et voila! Glowing skin.

I think it's good for when I feel like 'cooking'. I suppose why lots of people like to use this mask is because aspirin's really inexpensive in the States (like, $0.99 for 100), but it's just average here in Singapore. (I bought 24 tablets for about $4).

It's quite drying as well, and the crystals are quite harsh, so you really need to moisturise after that. The exfoliation is actually due to salicylic acid (ooh, chemistry!). I actually find my Neutrogena Pore Refining Peel (which can be used as a scrub) much better, cos it's gentle but effective. It doesn't contain glycolic acid either! I've used Estee Lauder's Deep Thermal Refinisher ($80) as well as Olay's Thermal Skin Polisher ($16) - Estee Lauder's has grains that are quite rough, while Olay's contains glycolic acid which I find kinda harsh, so Neutrogena's still my favourite! I think the deep-heat effect of the EL and Olay's cool though.

I don't think I'll use the aspirin mask frequently though... maybe just to finish up the box. :P

Anyway my sister bought the Zeno zit-zapper recently. It's supposed to be way cheaper if shipped from Drugstore.com, but apparently the Zeno in Singapore is packaged differently, with a different adaptor plug specially catered to Singapore's requirements. And I hear the zapping hurts a lot. It really isn't cheap because you're forced to replace the metal tip which runs out after 90 counts. It also only targets the really bad type of zits, and I was like, haha I don't need to use it but today I woke up with a huge one on my chin. ;_; I refuse to use it though because I think it's a waste of money!!! (even though it's not my money, I'm very poor right now so it's making me cranky)

School starts in 2 weeks and I'm not looking forward to it... :( Please let me have a nice, quiet and accommodating roomie, nice, smart and understanding project-mates, and nice, intelligent tutors who are good at teaching and explaining!

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