Monday, July 28, 2008



Went to this concert just now that my sister played for. She'll be playing for Turandot in late August. It's an opera and I've never been to one before, but the storyline sounds good.

Anyway, I really liked the programme notes on the Sibelius symphonies for tonight. They were the most poetic notes I've read thus far. :P I can't remember exactly, but they were made up of such stuff and fluff - 'shimmering strings', 'distant rumble of thunder by the timpani', 'earth, worms and heartache'. Oh, and let's not forget 'the most glorious celebration of C Major ever'. Like, EVER. I love visual descriptions though, they're so pretty.

And I went to Ballet Under the Stars on Friday. There was plenty of contemporary fare, which isn't a very good genre to start with if you're new to dance/ballet, but I really liked the choreography, especially the pendulum thing, where 2 people support this 3rd person who sways between them, held up by the arms.

I'll be away at hall orientation camp till Friday... We'll be spending 2 days at this stupid old Guides camp which I went to in Sec 3... I remember Tzu Wei stepped on a bee in the toilet and got stung... And I remember that camp was the first time I experienced a migraine (while I was being a patrol leader no less)... Happy memories... Please pray for me, I hope I survive it again. :P Good night!

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