Friday, July 4, 2008


Say Bonjour to Bob L'eponge!
I think by now most people would have known that I'm learning the violin!

I just love how the f-hole looks... ^^ I know some weird people will think it looks like an integral sign ∫ or something, but it's F! (For Fiona!!) :D

This is just a cheap violin, you can see all the rosin dust there. I love how the rosin dust flies when the bow is pulled across the strings, it's so beautiful (if you can ignore the horrible sounds I make hahaha). My sister was away, so I picked out this violin myself from our dusty collection without knowing it was a cheap one and hadn't been played in more than 10 years. (I mistook it for my dad's old one which is more expensive and better in quality.) My teacher was so horrified when she looked at it, cos it was totally out of tune and the bow wasn't rosined. Hahaha!

I bought a shoulder rest as well; apparently I have a long neck (yay!) lol. My mom said I sounded better than my sister when she just started, but she didn't realise I was just playing open string. When you press down on different keys, the tension will be different, which makes amateurs sound bad. :P It's just technique though, which can be easily mastered through practice! (I realise I always make things sound easy, haha!)

Went to Daiso yesterday, bought more origami paper, a pancake/fried egg mould and a chopsticks case!

Yesterday I also went to this hotel where there's a buffet table and everyone was cutting the queue and everything. A stupid auntie tried to cut my queue and I said loudly in an overly-bright tone with a humongous grin pasted on my face, "Um, I think the queue starts over there?" pointing way behind me. Stupid woman got the hint. I was like, nyah nyah nyah nyaaa nyaaaa!!! (in my head, of course!) I can't stand people like that.

Anyway here's a couple more photos of the bakchoy.
Day 8
Day 10
And this is a tomato plant!

Yea... I've been playing with the macro mode of my camera a lot. :P

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