Thursday, July 24, 2008


I broke a violin string 2 days ago. Do you know how expensive violin strings are?! So being the el-cheapo that I am, I replaced it with a string from another old, neglected violin. :P Then I realised it's an A-string! And this is embarrassing but being the mildly OCD person that I am, I like to create my own superstitions and rituals and since it's an A-string, I decided to make it into a bracelet and like wear it to exams. (In the hope of getting an A -rolls eyes-)

And I also realised we have 2 extra shoulder rests at home. Damnnn!!! So I wasted my $$$ in getting a new one!!

Anyway I'm progressing quite well. My lessons are only a half hour each, which means I've only had 2.5 hours' worth of lessons, but I can already play the 5th piece from the Suzuki volume 1, and I only started the Suzuki on my 3rd lesson. My tone is not bad I think (i.e. the sound's not flat, and sounds pretty full), but I'm not sure if my technique is good. I suppose I'll go look for my great-uncle in December to let him check on my bowing technique. (He's really old which is why I didn't go to him for lessons, but he's supposed to be a good teacher; his daughter (my distant aunt) is the 1st-violin soloist type who is currently residing in America.)

Ok I'm going for lunch now -

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