Monday, July 14, 2008


They always say that artistic people are temperamental, and why not? Why indeed, should people choose to attend concerts when they can get 'excellent audio fidelity' with a CD and a good hifi system at home? So apparently I'm very much replaceable by a CD player. -shrugs-

And I totally abhor how people think that artistic pursuits are less difficult than say, scientific exploration, or getting a first-class honours in the totally-important-but-ultra-blah degree of your choice. Uh-huh. Arts encompasses math and science as well. Chords are permutations of combinations of notes. The quality of sound created by a violin depends on the level of vibration - harmonics and what not. There are so many more examples which few people I know would ever be interested in.

Sometimes you hear something that sounds absolutely perfect, with perfect technique and perfect execution of dynamics, except something's a little off.

That's what's missing guys. Passion. A love of life. Inquisitiveness about everything. All that's essential in anything you pursue. No matter what you're forced to study, no matter how ultra-blah you think it is, you're supposed to find interesting at some level. I found what I studied in JC interesting. And what I'm studying now is cool as well, even though I didn't care much for it at all in the beginning. [Please don't discount what I'm saying here, though I know I lose credibility by using words like 'blah' and 'cool'.]

I suppose an open mind would be a requisite.

On a separate issue -
"When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."
- The Alchemist

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