Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday my roomie just randomly took a bunch of sweets and some sausage thing from her country and dumped them on my table enthusiastically. If you look carefully, you can see the words under the old man's face - "Bu Lao Lin", Lin who never ages. -_-U
It's an almond-toffee sweet.
And this is the sweetcorn sausage. Tastes pretty good.


This is some stew thing that my sister made and I heated up in hall. It's really yummy! I'm starting to like celery. :P She's been quite into bringing bento to the office lately, but her bentos are all no-frills Muji-esque plastic boxes. I was like, "Do you want to bring my Cinnamoroll one????? :D :D :D " And she was like, ?!?!??!!
This is a stroopwafel-ish biscuit, I remember a JC classmate bought it back from Vienna or somewhere there. I spotted it at Candy Empire for only a dollar each!
You can't really see the caramel... :x

Oh and this Copan garlic toast thing is one of my discoveries at the school supermarket. I was looking for cheap food and it was only $1.40 a packet, but it's full of palm oil, so. :x It's really yummy though!! Very buttery and garlicky (all artificial, sigh).

I discovered that Cafe Express has raised its prices. ;_; I was a faithful customer, how can they do this to me?! A muffin used to cost $1.85; now it's $2.10!!! I really wanted cake today, but it's like $4.25 a slice now. ;_; I just blew $5 at Hall 4 on cereal fish for lunch. I'm trying to save money to buy a nicer violin case you see. :P

Oh anyway, last night I had a long conversation with my new roomie on Olympics and stuff. I really need to improve my Mandarin. I asked her if she saw the Olympic hip hop Panda mascot but she didn't. ;_; I really think the hip hop panda is super hilarious!!! My dad tivo-ed it so I can rewind it and watch it again and again... every time I watch it, I tear with laughter.

And today I've decided that I won't be joining any CCAs this academic year cos I really can't take it. I need to try to bring my grades up, just to show myself that I can. :P Plus my violin lessons are killing me. Furthermore, after the end of every semester, I'll have new music to learn (because the ballet semesters clash with my school semesters). And I'm taking JLPT at the end of the year. ARGH.

Ok I'll go drown myself in numbers now. Tata-

Monday, August 25, 2008

Natsu Matsuri 2008!

I was very sick after the presentation on Thursday (but the teacher gave us a good grade so I like him!!) and on Friday morning I couldn't take it anymore and took the shuttle bus (yes, I really couldn't walk) to the medical centre to get some meds. So I got an MC and I'm hoping the medicine will help!

Still, I managed to summon up my energy to go for Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival) on Saturday evening!!! (My mom was like, stay in bed!!! But I was like, no way!!!) I look kind of dazed in the photos cos I was really tired. :P
Natsu Matsuri 3
Natsu Matsuri
Natsu Matsuri 2
T3 2
I saw He Yuan also, I remember he went last year as well, but not Minli or Sophia though they said they were going. We were quite annoyed cos we missed the Waseda item, cos we wanted to see cute guys. -cough- Anyway the cute ones are all too young, so whatever. ;_; If anyone went, the ice-cream stall had a cute HeySayJump-ish guy, 1st from the right (or 2nd, cos later some random friend joined in). I noticed that the icecream stall always has cute high-school aged boys around, so if anyone's going next year, do take note. ^^
We went off at around 9pm, but it was early so we went to Terminal 3 to take a look (even though I've been there for like 4 times already, utterly jaded). And omg, there was like a 40% sale at the Perfumes and Cosmetics shop, my CK Euphoria is retailing for only $81 there!!! (The original retail price is like $133). -faints- I will definitely go shop at the airport in future...
Since there's nothing more to say, I have an announcement to make!!!!!
My room-mate has arrived.
She is from China.
But she's a girly type of girl, like me!! (Ok, I'm not particularly girly, but I do love using skincare products and stuff, and she has a stash, which is definitely a fraction of mine, but she has hair-curling serum and stuff, which I take to be a positive sign.)
I shall ignore the dusty floor that shocked me when I stepped into my room this morning. (After all, I enjoy magic-cleaning.)
Feel free to ask me for updates on my situation. Wish me luck!!!!! Sayonara.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I've got a fever, I'm hot

I just drank some Panadol Cold&Flu hot remedy drink so that I can stay awake to rehearse my presentation, but I have been enticed by my laptop so here I am now, blogging. HAHA.

So anyway last Friday I skipped school (cos I just added the class and the tutor probably didn't even have my name on the list) and celebrated my Gramma's 80th birthday at Long Beach @ Dempsey! (No photos; I don't really like taking food photos in restaurants cos it's weird. I will only take photos in the most low-class places but I don't eat in hawker centres so I don't think you'll ever see any HAHA) I thought her 80th birthday was last year (cos I skipped it and I had to call her to wish her happy birthday and she was like "WHY AREN'T YOU HERE!!?!?!") but that was her Chinese 80th birthday. Cos the Chinese say that when you're born, you're like a year old already (since you spent 9 months in your mum's tummy). Makes sense huh?

Long Beach @ Dempsey has a way better ambience than the East Coast one. You know we always laugh at the shiny napkin wrappers at the East Coast one cos they're printed with bikini-clad girls. :P Dempsey's sticks to plain silver. And I noticed the Dempsey crowd is full of expats. The table behind us was a group of Japanese (plus a lone ang-moh whose Japanese was really good!) so I eavesdropped on their conversation. Haha!!! The one bad thing about Dempsey is that the staircase leading to the carpark is unlit and horribly dark. Everyone walking down will be clutching the railing and we spent like 5 minutes going down it. -_-U

I'm bored and I have my camera with me, so cue the self-entertainment! (I'm also trying to figure out how to use my cam properly, cos sometimes photos turn out over-exposed and I can't figure out the flash properly tsk.)
My anti-flu arsenal!!! I drink a bottle of Lemon1000 a day. My mom thinks it's a rip-off, but they can't possibly falsely claim that a bottle contains 1000mg of vit C without being sued right?! Then again, I down it all at one go, and the body can't really absorb so much at once, so I suppose I'm passing out expensive pee. HAHA. ($1.50 a bottle a day means my wallet's being drained, boo.)
More vit C!!! Plus Nutri-Tea, cos they're good for health right??
I've been trying to save money!!! :D This is where I write down "Panadol Cold&Flu - $4.20" and stuff like that. So expensive right?!??!!?! One box only contains 5 pathetic doses!
I started craving junk food but I thought seaweed was healthier. And 1 miserable tiny packet costs $3. I'd much rather buy a huge packet of Lays!!!
So the weather has been rainy and chilly recently and my back problem has been acting up so I brought this to hall cos my mom forgot I had one already and bought an extra tube. You know how most gels/creams have deep-heat effects? This one doesn't, so you'll think it's useless at first, until you suddenly notice the strange absence of pain!!! It has a seriously good numbing effect.
Last Wednesday AC gave me a tube of L'occitane hand cream! Yay I love metal tubes cos they remind me of acrylic paint tubes. XD It'll be a good replacement for my Crabtree & Evelyn one which is in a sorry state. :P I don't know if anyone has the same feeling, but I find that washing my contact lens makes my hands dry, cos of the chemicals in the solution.
Plus a Cinnamoroll notepad!!! I didn't recognise it as Cinnamoroll at first. :P Yay thank you!!!

It's been a lousy 3rd week back at school... I think my packed schedule is really ruining my health and I feel so guilty about treating my body so badly, I'm very sure that I'm aging faster than a lot of people my age. ;_; That's why I don't know why a lot of people want to become private bankers or stuff like that cos if I'm falling sick so frequently now, I can't imagine what life would be like getting by on just 3 hours of sleep every night. And seriously, I don't want to die early just for the money. It's not like I'm very poor either. I can understand the drive from people who come from poor backgrounds, but they're just misguided if they think money can solve all their problems.

Anyway, I discovered today that I'm not the only one who's been feeling unusually exhausted lately! I suppose it's because we can't really skip any classes this semester. In the past, even if we skipped classes, we could catch up by mugging a single textbook or a stack of given notes, but now we can't (or rather, I can't) because there are multiple texts, and references everywhere. I find it so troublesome to search for the notes!!! I'm like the most disorganised person around. ;_; Oh well. I hope I'll make it through this semester in one piece...

Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm so so tired cos I'm sick sick sick once again!!! I'm running a fever even though I barely recovered from the last one. ;_; And I'm so exhausted now I think I might faint if I don't go to bed like right now.

Oh and when I'm sick, I relive my mean girl days. :P Many rants which I shall not expose here and I think AC will get buried in them on Wednesday's lunch HAHA. (Damn I hope my project group doesn't decide to meet then.) I wish I had more people whom I meet regularly just to catch up, and not just when one of us gets a shopping urge or needs to borrow $350 urgently. HAHA.

Ok ciao!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Reverse Luck

I'd just resigned myself to the fact that I'll be taking boring Cyber Security this semester by pinning my timetable on my noticeboard (I'd tried to delay it cos I thought it was like jinxing myself; like, if I printed out my timetable with CS in it, it'll be a confirmation that I'm taking the stupid course and I won't be able to swop to another elective), when I happened to log onto my planner and notice a couple of slots available in the elective of my first choice.

So now I'm free!!!!!

My new elective also has a pretty sucky timing but it's slightly better than CS. I'll have to go to school on Friday then, but who cares?


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HG Alert!!!

Oh. Em. Gee.

Today, someone made my day just by his mere presence and existence. Oh!!!!! Just last week I saw a hot guy from way back, then it hit me that the 1-year-older guys are now freshies! Gosh. I wasn't really excited cos that was just another hot guy. But today's was like, the only motivating factor that made me go to school 3 years ago!!! In year 2 I didn't even want to go to school at all because of his absence!!! Can you believe it?!

Ok I'm getting too old for this. :P It's probably my last sighting anyway. -nostalgic-

Anyway, last Friday I went to The Seafood International Market and Restaurant for dinner. It's at Playground @ Big Splash at East Coast Park. It's very nicely furbished, and the customer service is fantastic! They're mostly from China, but they're very attentive and will pour tea and change your plate promptly. We had drunken prawns, black pepper crabs, a fish-scallop-sticky-soup(geng) thing, and dou miao. And I totally forgot to take pictures cos they're so yummy, you want to eat them right away!

When you enter the restaurant, the entrance has lots of fish tanks and some produce bins. You can pick up a supermarket trolley and pick your own ingredients for the chef to cook, but it works out to be an extra $9 per dish. :P
mini park
mini park2
There was a mini park thing where a girl was playing with a remote-controlled miniature tractor. Kinda cute. I saw a kid hopping around on Kangoo Jumps too! They're strange-looking contraptions that let you bounce and jog around with less impact.
And before I end, let me show you the cute keytopper Jo bought from HK! (I made a copy of my key just to fit this!)
So it's been a pretty good start to the 2nd week of school. (:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm quite pissed right now but I just received an sms from a similarly disgruntled friend which goes like: there's this irritating woman the seat behind her is empty and she refused to sit for more than a stop but when i wanted to sit she sat down.


So anyway I'm pissed because someone claims I owe her $$$ but I clearly remember I paid her cos that day I felt very sad about my empty wallet. So now I have no idea what to do, I know I'm gullible and I spend money like water and I don't keep track of my money and I've learnt my lesson. ;_; In future I will write down everything I spend on. (Yea right.)

And I'm pissed off cos I walked around school on this hot afternoon, still running a freaking fever, trying to photocopy a freaking book that everyone else already photocopied. But all the shops are either out to lunch or they're self-copiers which is totally crap cos I'm not gonna waste my time k. I mean, what's so difficult about just calling me and asking, yo, u wanna copy? Tsk.

Please excuse my rudeness. I'm sure when I get well I'll be in a nicer mood. Still, I have learnt some lessons today - the best person to watch my back is myself.

Ok I'm happy again! Tomorrow I have no lessons and I have found people to eat lunch and dinner with. Yay is me! :D For one day maybe, I can forget that I am in dire financial straits and with a crappy elective this semester...

Saturday, August 2, 2008


I am down with a bad sore throat, raging headache and runny nose. (& I just realised I could have summarised the previous sentence into a short 'I have the flu'. Or a cold. I have no idea which is which lol.) Think it's cos of fright night. Shouted too many times. And I got groped by this guy, like wth. He's got nothing to grope anyway, haha!

I have decided against getting a single room. Once I put my keyboard in, I'll have no place to split and study on the floor. So I seriously hope I get a nice roomie.

Get well soon, me!


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