Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yesterday my roomie just randomly took a bunch of sweets and some sausage thing from her country and dumped them on my table enthusiastically. If you look carefully, you can see the words under the old man's face - "Bu Lao Lin", Lin who never ages. -_-U
It's an almond-toffee sweet.
And this is the sweetcorn sausage. Tastes pretty good.


This is some stew thing that my sister made and I heated up in hall. It's really yummy! I'm starting to like celery. :P She's been quite into bringing bento to the office lately, but her bentos are all no-frills Muji-esque plastic boxes. I was like, "Do you want to bring my Cinnamoroll one????? :D :D :D " And she was like, ?!?!??!!
This is a stroopwafel-ish biscuit, I remember a JC classmate bought it back from Vienna or somewhere there. I spotted it at Candy Empire for only a dollar each!
You can't really see the caramel... :x

Oh and this Copan garlic toast thing is one of my discoveries at the school supermarket. I was looking for cheap food and it was only $1.40 a packet, but it's full of palm oil, so. :x It's really yummy though!! Very buttery and garlicky (all artificial, sigh).

I discovered that Cafe Express has raised its prices. ;_; I was a faithful customer, how can they do this to me?! A muffin used to cost $1.85; now it's $2.10!!! I really wanted cake today, but it's like $4.25 a slice now. ;_; I just blew $5 at Hall 4 on cereal fish for lunch. I'm trying to save money to buy a nicer violin case you see. :P

Oh anyway, last night I had a long conversation with my new roomie on Olympics and stuff. I really need to improve my Mandarin. I asked her if she saw the Olympic hip hop Panda mascot but she didn't. ;_; I really think the hip hop panda is super hilarious!!! My dad tivo-ed it so I can rewind it and watch it again and again... every time I watch it, I tear with laughter.

And today I've decided that I won't be joining any CCAs this academic year cos I really can't take it. I need to try to bring my grades up, just to show myself that I can. :P Plus my violin lessons are killing me. Furthermore, after the end of every semester, I'll have new music to learn (because the ballet semesters clash with my school semesters). And I'm taking JLPT at the end of the year. ARGH.

Ok I'll go drown myself in numbers now. Tata-

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