Tuesday, August 12, 2008

HG Alert!!!

Oh. Em. Gee.

Today, someone made my day just by his mere presence and existence. Oh!!!!! Just last week I saw a hot guy from way back, then it hit me that the 1-year-older guys are now freshies! Gosh. I wasn't really excited cos that was just another hot guy. But today's was like, the only motivating factor that made me go to school 3 years ago!!! In year 2 I didn't even want to go to school at all because of his absence!!! Can you believe it?!

Ok I'm getting too old for this. :P It's probably my last sighting anyway. -nostalgic-

Anyway, last Friday I went to The Seafood International Market and Restaurant for dinner. It's at Playground @ Big Splash at East Coast Park. It's very nicely furbished, and the customer service is fantastic! They're mostly from China, but they're very attentive and will pour tea and change your plate promptly. We had drunken prawns, black pepper crabs, a fish-scallop-sticky-soup(geng) thing, and dou miao. And I totally forgot to take pictures cos they're so yummy, you want to eat them right away!

When you enter the restaurant, the entrance has lots of fish tanks and some produce bins. You can pick up a supermarket trolley and pick your own ingredients for the chef to cook, but it works out to be an extra $9 per dish. :P
mini park
mini park2
There was a mini park thing where a girl was playing with a remote-controlled miniature tractor. Kinda cute. I saw a kid hopping around on Kangoo Jumps too! They're strange-looking contraptions that let you bounce and jog around with less impact.
And before I end, let me show you the cute keytopper Jo bought from HK! (I made a copy of my key just to fit this!)
So it's been a pretty good start to the 2nd week of school. (:

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