Monday, August 25, 2008

Natsu Matsuri 2008!

I was very sick after the presentation on Thursday (but the teacher gave us a good grade so I like him!!) and on Friday morning I couldn't take it anymore and took the shuttle bus (yes, I really couldn't walk) to the medical centre to get some meds. So I got an MC and I'm hoping the medicine will help!

Still, I managed to summon up my energy to go for Natsu Matsuri (Japanese Summer Festival) on Saturday evening!!! (My mom was like, stay in bed!!! But I was like, no way!!!) I look kind of dazed in the photos cos I was really tired. :P
Natsu Matsuri 3
Natsu Matsuri
Natsu Matsuri 2
T3 2
I saw He Yuan also, I remember he went last year as well, but not Minli or Sophia though they said they were going. We were quite annoyed cos we missed the Waseda item, cos we wanted to see cute guys. -cough- Anyway the cute ones are all too young, so whatever. ;_; If anyone went, the ice-cream stall had a cute HeySayJump-ish guy, 1st from the right (or 2nd, cos later some random friend joined in). I noticed that the icecream stall always has cute high-school aged boys around, so if anyone's going next year, do take note. ^^
We went off at around 9pm, but it was early so we went to Terminal 3 to take a look (even though I've been there for like 4 times already, utterly jaded). And omg, there was like a 40% sale at the Perfumes and Cosmetics shop, my CK Euphoria is retailing for only $81 there!!! (The original retail price is like $133). -faints- I will definitely go shop at the airport in future...
Since there's nothing more to say, I have an announcement to make!!!!!
My room-mate has arrived.
She is from China.
But she's a girly type of girl, like me!! (Ok, I'm not particularly girly, but I do love using skincare products and stuff, and she has a stash, which is definitely a fraction of mine, but she has hair-curling serum and stuff, which I take to be a positive sign.)
I shall ignore the dusty floor that shocked me when I stepped into my room this morning. (After all, I enjoy magic-cleaning.)
Feel free to ask me for updates on my situation. Wish me luck!!!!! Sayonara.

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