Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I'm quite pissed right now but I just received an sms from a similarly disgruntled friend which goes like: there's this irritating woman the seat behind her is empty and she refused to sit for more than a stop but when i wanted to sit she sat down.


So anyway I'm pissed because someone claims I owe her $$$ but I clearly remember I paid her cos that day I felt very sad about my empty wallet. So now I have no idea what to do, I know I'm gullible and I spend money like water and I don't keep track of my money and I've learnt my lesson. ;_; In future I will write down everything I spend on. (Yea right.)

And I'm pissed off cos I walked around school on this hot afternoon, still running a freaking fever, trying to photocopy a freaking book that everyone else already photocopied. But all the shops are either out to lunch or they're self-copiers which is totally crap cos I'm not gonna waste my time k. I mean, what's so difficult about just calling me and asking, yo, u wanna copy? Tsk.

Please excuse my rudeness. I'm sure when I get well I'll be in a nicer mood. Still, I have learnt some lessons today - the best person to watch my back is myself.

Ok I'm happy again! Tomorrow I have no lessons and I have found people to eat lunch and dinner with. Yay is me! :D For one day maybe, I can forget that I am in dire financial straits and with a crappy elective this semester...

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