Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Returned home to find my sister's Wall-E figurine. Pretty cute, but essentially useless. :P I really like the plaintiveness in the eyes though.

I finally found a nice grapefruit scent!! Bath and Body Works Grapefruit Splash. It's better than the Body Shop's pink grapefruit, and anyway TBS doesn't make any grapefruit mist. Lasts really long too. I've been using the Dove Go Fresh body wash in grapefruit and lemongrass (cos of the cool ads on TV haha!) and it smells super good too! Omg I just love grapefruit, but my mom tells me new studies have shown that drinking too much grapefruit juice will increase your chances of getting cancer yada yada but who cares? I'll just spritz it on then.

Also I recently got the Bobbi Brown Face Blender Brush. It's really full and soft, I think it's made of natural hair, and it blends super well. Love it to pieces, it's the best item I've invested in and I hope it lasts me a looong time.
bobbi brown face blender brush

bobbi brown face blender brush 2

And yesterday's Body Shop purchases after doing our IT project. :P The highly-raved Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion and Vitamin C Skinboost.

I like the soft, un-exposed look. There's this type of Japanese-style photography where there's lots and lots of light filtering in, with soft exposure, so everything looks slightly hazy and soft but bright, and Asians look like they have browner hair and fairer skin. I can't find an example right now, but it typically centres on a model, with a pale minimalist background and blonde wood. LOVE. I want to learn to take shots like that!!

In other news, after 11 lessons, I'm officially at grade 2 for violin. (Which means a fee increase damn.) Oh well, nobody can laugh at me for being a beginner now! I don't know why everyone says learning the violin is difficult in the beginning because it sounds awful and it might turn you off learning, but I never sounded that awful even in the beginning. I think maybe they're referring to tone, scratches, screeches or squeaking, but I suppose it could be averted if you have strength in your biceps, have good posture and stuff like that, then you'd get a steady hand and play full bow and everything easily. I always thought my tone was ok, but didn't really know if it was true until my teacher told me my tone was really good for a beginner. So you really just need to be brave and play forte to get the feel. (:

So I'm very happy because all's well in violin and piano (new lovely grade 8 dances to learn!) and the only thing that pisses me off is the China tainted milk scandal!!! I just bought a Dove chocolate bar last week and it's on the list of tainted products. ;_; We had a topic in Comms class which goes like "how long do you think China's good reputation will last after the Beijing Olympics, do you think it'll help her recover from the previous tainted food and toys scandals?" and haha, barely a couple of weeks after the Olympics, we get this!!! Tsk tsk.

Off to do my IT project now...

Monday, September 15, 2008


There'll be a Japanese high school festival at the Waseda High School this Sunday!!! My friends and I aren't free so we're not going but it'll be great if anyone else can go! (: I do feel we're a wee bit too old for it but there are definitely cute guys around for high-school-aged peeps. :P

Anyway my roomie can't stay, they say that students on exchange aren't allowed to have rooms in hall, so they cleared out her side of the room today and I have no idea who'll be staying with me in the future. ;_;

And because I'm the randomest coolest kid in school, here's a nice picture which I like because of the bows which I tied myself!! (-cough- Martha Stewart wannabe -cough-)

I don't know, I just like handwritten stuff, things that are said face-to-face, and I find that your choice of words says a lot about you as a person. Which is why I think our communications class is quite interesting, because I realised that being perceptive, and being polite and considerate in words actually doesn't come naturally to some people. Ah well.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Yesterday I went to watch Cyborg She!!! It's a really nice movie, though a bit draggy at the end (extra time-travel storyline which should have been cut in my opinion). It's about this cyborg girl from the future who travels to our time to save her creator, Jiro. And she like, becomes his girlfriend. The guy who plays Jiro is the 2nd boyfriend from Koizora. He always ends up in wimpy roles. :P

Plus I had avocado milkshake again. Love it!!!

Anyway my room-mate's gone! She's flying to Canada early tomorrow morning on exchange!! She'll be back in December, but meanwhile her friend might be staying over. Her friend's quite nice, I met her this morning and she doesn't seem as ebullient as my room-mate but that's fine. :P

In school news - this afternoon's test was a killer. It's 20% and I had the illustrated answer in my hands (it was open-book) but I didn't know it was the answer because I hadn't read it at all. The others didn't bring the illustration in, so it was sad, but I had the illustration but I didn't even realise I should have used it, so it's worse. :P Ah well. I have no regrets because it's so boring. Haha!

I must thank my roomie for giving me Desperate Housewives Season 1 and 4 (both of which I haven't watched). Gonna watch it now!!! :D

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nihon Go!!!

My mum just called me and said one of my aunt's tenants (a Japanese family) wanted to learn English; did I want to teach them? Haha! There are 3 kids, and 2 parents. Thing is, I don't have time and I don't really know how to begin teaching English. Though I'm pretty good in the language, I picked it up naturally and I don't really know terms like "adjectives" or "verbs" and such.

It'd be so cool if I got to interact with them though, cos my mom tutored a Japanese family when she was slightly older than I am now, and they're very welcoming. (:

Monday, September 1, 2008


Went to watch Puccini's Turandot on Friday night! It was my first opera. :P What can I say, an opera's like a musical, except with a different style of singing. Haha! It's about a Chinese princess (Turandot) who gives 3 riddles to suitors, and if they don't get it right, they're beheaded. Then this prince, Calef, decides to try. Calef has a servant girl, Liu, who's in love with him, and she kills herself for him because she doesn't want to divulge his name to the princess. I think Liu's the true star of the show. ^^ Her voice is fantabulous! She's played by Nancy Yuen who's a Singaporean. Imagine, a Singaporean with such a lovely voice!

I found the opera really interesting because it's China from the viewpoint of an Italian. You get strains of Mo Li Hua whenever Turandot enters, and the 3 ministers are called Ping, Pong and Pang cos I suppose that's how Mandarin sounds like to them. HAHA.

Oh, and I have a new love - Avocado milkshake from Thai Express! It's really nice, but my grandma's is nicer. :P She mixes avocado with fresh milk and honey, and it's supposed to be very good for the skin. :D

I was depressed last week and during lunch hour on Saturday I went crazy and bought all these.

I like the packaging of the ZA Blemish Shoot Dewy Gel. It's so no-frills!



Kind of regret buying the Blemish Shoot Gel. I tried it and it contains salicylic acid which is kind of strong. I don't really have many blemishes to shoot anyway. And one thing I find with products that contain salicylic acid is that they don't leave a very matte finish (thus the "dewy"ness I suppose). Still, the packaging's cute!!

When I finally finish trying them all out I think I'll do a review post for fun, haha!!


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