Monday, September 8, 2008


Yesterday I went to watch Cyborg She!!! It's a really nice movie, though a bit draggy at the end (extra time-travel storyline which should have been cut in my opinion). It's about this cyborg girl from the future who travels to our time to save her creator, Jiro. And she like, becomes his girlfriend. The guy who plays Jiro is the 2nd boyfriend from Koizora. He always ends up in wimpy roles. :P

Plus I had avocado milkshake again. Love it!!!

Anyway my room-mate's gone! She's flying to Canada early tomorrow morning on exchange!! She'll be back in December, but meanwhile her friend might be staying over. Her friend's quite nice, I met her this morning and she doesn't seem as ebullient as my room-mate but that's fine. :P

In school news - this afternoon's test was a killer. It's 20% and I had the illustrated answer in my hands (it was open-book) but I didn't know it was the answer because I hadn't read it at all. The others didn't bring the illustration in, so it was sad, but I had the illustration but I didn't even realise I should have used it, so it's worse. :P Ah well. I have no regrets because it's so boring. Haha!

I must thank my roomie for giving me Desperate Housewives Season 1 and 4 (both of which I haven't watched). Gonna watch it now!!! :D

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