Monday, September 15, 2008


There'll be a Japanese high school festival at the Waseda High School this Sunday!!! My friends and I aren't free so we're not going but it'll be great if anyone else can go! (: I do feel we're a wee bit too old for it but there are definitely cute guys around for high-school-aged peeps. :P

Anyway my roomie can't stay, they say that students on exchange aren't allowed to have rooms in hall, so they cleared out her side of the room today and I have no idea who'll be staying with me in the future. ;_;

And because I'm the randomest coolest kid in school, here's a nice picture which I like because of the bows which I tied myself!! (-cough- Martha Stewart wannabe -cough-)

I don't know, I just like handwritten stuff, things that are said face-to-face, and I find that your choice of words says a lot about you as a person. Which is why I think our communications class is quite interesting, because I realised that being perceptive, and being polite and considerate in words actually doesn't come naturally to some people. Ah well.

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