Monday, October 20, 2008

20歳 - Hatachi!

birthday cake
Imma teenager no more!!

I was very surprised when I got my present on Thursday last week, cos we were all so busy with projects and deadlines. I didn't even remember my own birthday until my sister's came along (hers is exactly one week earlier) and I forgot hers as well, until they said "We're going out for crabs" and I'm like, why? And they're like, cos it's her birthday! And I'm like, OHHH. So anyway, I'm very happy and thanks so much if anyone's reading!!! :D When I saw it was from TBS I kinda knew what it'd be cos the last time I browsed at TBS with SM and told her I loved the grapefruit stuff cos apparently grapefruit scents make you smell young. HAHA. And I totally need that cos I'm old now.

My roomie is out for a project discussion so I'll grab the chance and practise my speech out loud now. :P HAHAHA. Ok before I go here's a typically vain photo -

nice legs haha

Been feeling horrible lately cos my legs have been getting fatter and fatter lately but somehow they look skinny here so I'm glad though it makes me seem very superficial for caring HAHA. Sorry I've got a bad overdose of caffeine right now, can you tell?

Ok I really need to practise for tomorrow's 8.30am board meeting now especially since I'm the only one wearing an ugly fat puffy brown blazer which doesn't match my black skirt (;_;) and I'm like the 1st speaker and I have to say vapid, shiny things like, Hi!!! We're your consultants and we're here today to blah blah blah!!! So yea - ciaooo!!


Anonymous said...


Actually i remembered on the exact day but i was too busy to contact you. zzzz.

damn report. $#%$&^*&*
But anyway! Let's meet up soon & celebrate!

& your brown blazer is really... quite...
out? LOL. oops.


feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

THANK U!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha i know it's like super out!! nvm the impt thing is it's over!!!!!!

let's meet up after exams or smth. ;_; or we can just play monopoly HAHAHA :D


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