Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hatachi revisited

birthday cakes

So yesterday I went out for dinner with Wendy, Jaslyn and Samantha! Had Thai Express for dinner (tight budget cos of the economy yea) and I had my avocado milkshake again cos all the stress has been getting to my skin, and these days I have no idea if those itchy red bumps on my face are mosquito bites or zits anymore. (I hate mosquitoes and bugs, I'm like so totally Dettoling my room next week!!!) There was a nice tapioca-and-coconut-milk thing for dessert, then we finished up with icecream at Gelare. So stuffed!!

So anyway if anyone's reading this (I highly doubt so but I'm doing this cos I have no idea how to reply to wall messages or whatnot in Facebook), thank you for wishing me happy birthday and everything!! :D (I have half a mind to take myself off Facebook though for other reasons; then again, I'd better check out XX's girlfriend first hahaha.)


Aud's present is so nicely wrapped, I just had to take a photo of it so maybe in the future I can copy the wrapping for other people lol. And Su Hui gave me the idea of getting a job giftwrapping presents at Takashimaya this December lol. Cool I'll go check it out. :P Anyway I am so in love with the Hello Kitty shirt!!! I totally went like "Squee!!!" (but only in my head cos it'd sound totally inappropriate coming out of my mouth yea). And I just realised I forgot to take a photo of the very nicely wrapped (in my own opinion haha) present I gave to Aud but then again hers looks way neater than mine so it's ok!

I skipped a class this morning cos I was plagued with a horrible migraine and sore throat and I am as yet undecided if I should go for my Comms class at 12.30pm later cos I am now trying to fight waves of migraine-induced nausea with my rubbish bin next to me just in case. Oh well. I'll either have to drag my butt off to school later, or to the clinic next to school for an MC, so either way I'll still have to go to school. ;_; Blahhh.

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