Friday, November 28, 2008

MAC Hello Kitty and K-palette eyeliner review!

Recently I bought this!
k-palette closeup
k-palette swatch

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner "1 Day Tattoo". It was the limited edition pink version, so I really had to get it, despite the economic doom and gloom I'm living in now. There's only 1 colour - jet black. It apparently "helps draw incredibly delicate lines and effectively ensures long hold". And yeah it does! And I love the tiny micro-fibre brush cos it draws such fine lines - and as they say at the back of the box - "ease of drawing could get you addicted". Hmm. The most amazing thing is that it doesn't smear or smudge, but washes off easily with a bit of rubbng in warm water! (Even lukewarm. Yes, I've tried. The Japanese words claim it's waterproof but I don't think you can really call it that.) However the colour isn't that strong (that's fine with me), but it can be layered, so you could draw like twice on the same area. And something that mystifies me is that it doesn't have the twisty clicky thing at the back of the pen (for you to dispense more product) so I can't figure out how the ink comes out. I have only been using it for a couple of days so I really hope it doesn't just dry up or something.

Anyway, this morning I was reading Urban and in that FashHag column she was referring to the Hello Kitty collection for MAC! (Like, duh!) I'm so looking forward to it! I must really start saving for March.

The colours look a bit too hot pink, but I was thinking of getting the brush set cos I really want to try out the duo-fibre stippling brush! (I know MAC brush sets are factory made but I literally can't afford to care because there's no way I could spend on the full-sized version.)

Anyway, my tablet is away at the repair centre but when it returns I'm taking it and going back to hall to hole up and study for JLPT on 7 Dec. I'm like 35 lessons behind, can you believe it?!

And my dear Tracy is away in Osaka. Call me when you return!!! There's a Shiseido sale next Tuesday and I need you to go with me! (There's Ettusais as well!)

Monday, November 24, 2008


My new hair! (:



Apparently I changed the most. Shumin and Su Hui ended up having the same kind of hair! And my hair took 1 hour while theirs was like half an hour only? But hairdressers always take a long time on my hair so it's normal. :P

We went to Chapter 2 at Bugis. The guy who did my hair was nice and chatty, and he really cut my hair in detail. (Cos my hair is so thick!) I didn't get his name though. The only thing that bothered me was when he asked me if I was going on holiday, and I was like, "Not in this kind of economy" and he was like, "Oh, but you can go to places nearby, like Thailand or Indonesia" and I was thinking inwardly, WHAT?! Good Lord, he has obviously not been reading the papers. I don't even dare to go to Malaysia now, no matter how cheap SkinFood and Majolica Majorca and Rimmel are over the causeway! Plus the economy is so bad, my mom almost got mugged by a desperate Malay dude.

I am also getting poorer and poorer. I'm going private for my violin lessons so they're more expensive now. ;_; And my dad has cut my "leisure allowance". My dear mother is still kind enough to pay for my Japanese and violin lessons but I think by the time I turn 21 I should become financially independent so I'd better start saving now. ;_; No more spending sprees!!! Especially when I intend to take piano dip lessons in Year 3 Sem 1 and they cost more than I earn in a month.

Omg I'm stressed.

So anyway we bought a very nice present for my dear Prof Chua and I wrapped it like this!
prof chua's present!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Zahada Hints and Tips

I realised a lot of people have been coming here looking for Zahada hints, so here you go! (Hints are in white so you have to highlight underneath the bulleted level)

  • Level 1
    You know how it works, right? The answer is a URL.

  • Level 2
    It's a palindrome.
    "I can be black, blue, grey, green and brown as well."

  • Level 3
    Look at the title of the page.

  • Level 4
    Rhymes with duck.

  • Level 5
    Look at the title for an additional clue.
    The most important phrase is "Get in line!"

  • Level 6
    Highlight the hidden text.

  • Level 7
    Save the picture, and zoom in on it closely.

  • Level 8
  • Level 9
    Hover your mouse over the last image. (Or view source.)
  • Level 10
    View source. Look at the title. You should get enough clues to do some arithmetic.
  • Level 11
    View source. You need binary knowledge for this. Go google binary addition or something. I had a hard time too. The answer is in numbers.
  • Level 12
    View source. Scrutinize it!
  • Level 13
    Look at the title. Use Google! It's not the obvious answer - there's another name for it! ^^
  • Level 14
    View source for the clue, and unscramble it. The title gives a hint.
  • Level 15
    The Os are familiar huh. Check out the phrase.
  • Level 16
    Hint 1: Look at the bold alphabets. And the title - why 51? (:

    Hint 2: Think chemistry.
  • Level 17
    Look at the title and say it real fast. Then the picture will be an obvious clue. (:
  • Level 18
    Look at the image in the title!
  • Level 19
    Hint 1: It's a frickin' pattern. It might help to read out each line verbally.

    Hint 2: Look at the number of Zs in each number. Then the number of ones. Count them.
  • Level 20
    Look at the picture! It's not arithmetic, but rather in a graphic sense. (: Which language/country does the picture imply?
  • Level 21
    Google ditloid if you don't know what it means. Solve the ditloid.
    The title is a clue, as well as the highlighted Y and italicised "searching".

  • Level 22
    Add this one up - each cube has 3 sides that you can't see.
  • Level 23
    This is really tedious. You need a letter from the answers of each level. To check if your answer is correct, it's got something to do with the picture.
  • Level 24
    Hint 1:This is annoying for people who didn't learn it in school. If you did, you'll realise the letters are a mnemonic.

    Hint 2: The mnemonic is ROYGBIV. Google it if you didn't learn it in school.
  • Level 25
    It's a pattern. Type it out.
  • Level 26
    If you have no idea what those words are, google them to find out. You should get a graphic representation of alphabets.
  • Level 27
    There are 9 logos. Something used to be 9 but is now 8. Which is the one that no longer counts? (Sciency!)
  • Level 28
    Hint 1: Each picture represents a letter. Each line is hence a word, and each word spells out a number. So you'll get 4 numbers.

    Hint 2: Use the numbers in alphabet code to get a 4 letter-word answer.
  • Level 29
    The riddle is a homophone. The answer is the spelling of the red highlighted phrase.
  • Level 30
    The main clue is the title. Solve the bunch of homophones. Each line is a homophone.
  • Level 31
    Superimpose the 2 triangles together. The italicised word is a clue to the superimposed image you get. You'll need Google.
  • Level 32
    Notice the little arrows in each alphabet, but they go in opposite directions (i.e. for the D in Down, the arrow points up.) So reverse all the clues you get. You'll get a funny word, so Google it! (:
  • Level 33
    Use your calculator to add it up! It spells a word.
  • Level 34
    Enlarge the picture, print it out, do some cutting and pasting to make a 3D figure. It's a pain and I haven't done it. I refuse to get the answer online so I think I'll be permanently stuck here. So here's the end!!!

Feel free to leave a comment for help if you need more elaboration, I'll reply asap. (: I doubt I'll continue though, it was fun during my exam period when I was bored but now I've got plenty more fun things to occupy my time!! Whee!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

L'exams est fini! Review: Bourjois Apricot Complexion Enhancer

My exams are finally over! We (Prof Chua, Su Hui and Jol) went out yesterday for karaoke. Me and Jol's 2nd time only. Haha! And I am like the owner of a Kbox membership card? That's so amazing!

Anyway I got 2 things recently. During the exam period I tend to spend more; it de-stresses me.
bourjois apricot
Bourjois Apricot Complexion Enhancer and Dr Jart Silver Rejuvenating BB cream sample tube. (Will do the Dr Jart next time!)

Embelliseur de Teint Abricot is a beauty gel and it's listed under MUA as a tinted moisturiser. I decided to get it after reading all the great reviews (MUA is what I'm on all the time when I'm supposed to be studying)!

It gives a luminous and natural colour - "Un teint lumineux et naturel" which warms up yellow undertones in Asian skin. It smells really great, something rosey and a little fruity at the same time. The tube is kinda small though, only 20 ml, and it's not a moisturiser really, but rather a color corrector-ish thing. It's not as easy to blend as I'd like, but it's manageable and I love how it doesn't leave a nasty sheen and looks totally natural and controls oil well! It looks a scary orange (almost neon! It's way brighter than the swatch) coming out of the tube, but it blends in. It's just a corrector so it doesn't give coverage but rather warms up the skintone and makes you look healthier and glowy!
bourjois apricot2
bourjois apricot swatch
There are 3 other colors as well, including a green color corrector (not shown). It's only shown on the Bourjois France website, not the UK or US ones, so I think we're so lucky that it's available in Singapore! The Bourjois collection in Singapore is really very complete! (Some drugstores only carry certain stuff, but the big department stores stock everything.)
bourjois embelliseurs
There's the Rose Fraiche, the secret to a luminous visage - "Le secret d'un visage lumineux", and the Petit Dessert Du Teint, a caramel colour for the natural bronzer look I suppose. I want the rose one!

I like the flat, compact tube - reminds me of my BB cream tubes! Anyway I think I'll be doing another review on BB creams cos my previous review was a little unqualified - I've grown fairer by 2 tones I think (by sunscreen alone!) and I'll be trying them again. Bought new ones too. ^^

I've got a busy week of leisure ahead! Go me!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things to look forward to...

... after my exams end on Friday!!!
  1. Beethoven 9 Concert
  2. Cutting hair with SM and SH
  3. Hit 47kg (if you don't know, I'm far away from that...)
  4. Practise violin!!!
  5. Practise piano!!!!!
  6. Study for JLPT!!!!!!
  7. Go shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Class outing (???)

Ok I'm so psyched... for the holidays! Totally un-psyched for tomorrow. GRRRRR.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Howling Fantods

After 6 weeks, I've finally finished this: Infinite Jest, a 4-inch thick ALL-TIME 100 novel. It's super funny and hilarious. GO READ IT YO.

On a sadder note, I just realised that the author had actually committed suicide about a couple of weeks before I borrowed the book. That's really scary but not really unexpected because from the book, you can tell that though it's funny, it's a kind of depressing humour. "Dark wit", as they say. And scary squeaky wheel-chaired assasins. (Haha). And a PGOAT (prettiest girl of all time). And the Union for the Hideously and Improbably Deformed who wear veils around all the time. (HAHA!)

Oh man. It's seriously a great book.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I fell asleep on my desk today and was like re-arranging my arms trying to find a nice position to rest my big head for a long time and now I realise I have 2 humongous bruises on both my elbows. I put my elbows on the desk to write and it really really hurts. ;_; Are my elbows really that sharp?! Having big bones sucks. Sometimes when I do splits I get bruises on my knees as well.

OUCHHHH. I have 2 papers tomorrow, a combination of 5.5 hours of pressure on my ouchy elbows. Help. ;_;

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Bath Day!

I wish I could go for this but I have exams on 20th and 21st. ;_; I never ever get the chance to go for sales cos they're either on weekends (when I'm super busy with piano and violin) or around the exam period, or before quizzes/presentations. Anyway, I realised Happy Bath Day's in here! NEWS has a new single called "Happy Birthday" and it's the theme song for the Kose Happy Bath Day commercial. ^^

On a brighter note, I am going to enjoy myself at M Hotel's crab buffet after the exams. Hurray!!! :D

[insert rant]I would just like to complain to whoever's reading this now that I am perspiring like crazy and being baked in my very own room in hall because my room-mate (who is perfectly healthy and not suffering from a cold which would thus render her cold and impervious to heat) insists on having the fan at level 1, which is freaking slow, it barely skims the solidity of 91% humid air in here. And even now (2.35pm, supremely hot) she wears a jacket to cover herself from God knows what. Perhaps she came from even hotter climes, thus 31 degrees Celcius is considerably cool for her. -faints-

Do you know, when I'm not in, she doesn't even switch the bloody fan on? And usually I switch it on full blast at level 3 so I suppose it's a reasonable compromise. O_o Then again, heat aside, it's so bloody stuffy when there's limited airflow in the room!!! I feel like fainting and I'm so warm and sleepy I can't study at all. It reminds me of how my old discipline master insists we lower the fan-speed down to level 2 from level 6 whenever we had Civics back in high school. ;_; Good old Kiw. ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

Seriously I'm a little worried for her. Is there something wrong with her body temperature or what?!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Omg today's excel test was a killer (for me at least). ;_; But I just realised that Obama won the election! Haha. Kind of cut off from the news in this rural place.

Anyway Zahada is so much fun!!!!! It's a super geeky and cool and addictive game!!!!! I don't know why, but somehow during IT class we'll just be playing stuff like that. :P I'm at level 23 34 now!!!!! But I think I'm gonna take a rest, I really should like study or something since I totally flopped today's test. ;_; It's so fun, I think I might write my own clues or something after the exams are over cos the clues out there are quite... ahem. Anyway I know some people have like amazing willpower and they won't touch stuff like that during exam time, unlike poor little me here. Bleahh. So I can like pave the way and give the hints. -_-U

Ok off to a 1-hour-long shower, ta!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rainy daze

Yay, my presentations are over, my listening test is over, all I have left is the excel test tomorrow and an oral test on Friday.

And I'm trying desperately to master Excel without any hands-on at all cos they're testing in 2007 while mine's in 2003 and all the examples they give, I can't open. ;_; Blah it's only 7.5% anyway. (I think).
Thanks PS for the present! :D

My mom just asked me if my exams were over by Nov 16 cos we're going out for dinner and I'm like, no they're still on but I can go for the food!!! :D Yay!

So in case you haven't noticed, I haven't got much of a life these days. :P


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