Monday, November 24, 2008


My new hair! (:



Apparently I changed the most. Shumin and Su Hui ended up having the same kind of hair! And my hair took 1 hour while theirs was like half an hour only? But hairdressers always take a long time on my hair so it's normal. :P

We went to Chapter 2 at Bugis. The guy who did my hair was nice and chatty, and he really cut my hair in detail. (Cos my hair is so thick!) I didn't get his name though. The only thing that bothered me was when he asked me if I was going on holiday, and I was like, "Not in this kind of economy" and he was like, "Oh, but you can go to places nearby, like Thailand or Indonesia" and I was thinking inwardly, WHAT?! Good Lord, he has obviously not been reading the papers. I don't even dare to go to Malaysia now, no matter how cheap SkinFood and Majolica Majorca and Rimmel are over the causeway! Plus the economy is so bad, my mom almost got mugged by a desperate Malay dude.

I am also getting poorer and poorer. I'm going private for my violin lessons so they're more expensive now. ;_; And my dad has cut my "leisure allowance". My dear mother is still kind enough to pay for my Japanese and violin lessons but I think by the time I turn 21 I should become financially independent so I'd better start saving now. ;_; No more spending sprees!!! Especially when I intend to take piano dip lessons in Year 3 Sem 1 and they cost more than I earn in a month.

Omg I'm stressed.

So anyway we bought a very nice present for my dear Prof Chua and I wrapped it like this!
prof chua's present!


yumeko said...

you all look lovely but which one are you?

btw the opi nail polish is called "Dont' Melbourne The Toast" and is numbered OPI A54 from the australian collection.

to be honest, i bought it for the name as my husband is from melbourne and its the least of my fave in the colors i got XD but glad you like it!!!

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

i'm the one on the left! i just realised i'm always on the left. XD


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