Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Bath Day!

I wish I could go for this but I have exams on 20th and 21st. ;_; I never ever get the chance to go for sales cos they're either on weekends (when I'm super busy with piano and violin) or around the exam period, or before quizzes/presentations. Anyway, I realised Happy Bath Day's in here! NEWS has a new single called "Happy Birthday" and it's the theme song for the Kose Happy Bath Day commercial. ^^

On a brighter note, I am going to enjoy myself at M Hotel's crab buffet after the exams. Hurray!!! :D

[insert rant]I would just like to complain to whoever's reading this now that I am perspiring like crazy and being baked in my very own room in hall because my room-mate (who is perfectly healthy and not suffering from a cold which would thus render her cold and impervious to heat) insists on having the fan at level 1, which is freaking slow, it barely skims the solidity of 91% humid air in here. And even now (2.35pm, supremely hot) she wears a jacket to cover herself from God knows what. Perhaps she came from even hotter climes, thus 31 degrees Celcius is considerably cool for her. -faints-

Do you know, when I'm not in, she doesn't even switch the bloody fan on? And usually I switch it on full blast at level 3 so I suppose it's a reasonable compromise. O_o Then again, heat aside, it's so bloody stuffy when there's limited airflow in the room!!! I feel like fainting and I'm so warm and sleepy I can't study at all. It reminds me of how my old discipline master insists we lower the fan-speed down to level 2 from level 6 whenever we had Civics back in high school. ;_; Good old Kiw. ARGHHHHHHHHHH.

Seriously I'm a little worried for her. Is there something wrong with her body temperature or what?!

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