Monday, November 17, 2008

Howling Fantods

After 6 weeks, I've finally finished this: Infinite Jest, a 4-inch thick ALL-TIME 100 novel. It's super funny and hilarious. GO READ IT YO.

On a sadder note, I just realised that the author had actually committed suicide about a couple of weeks before I borrowed the book. That's really scary but not really unexpected because from the book, you can tell that though it's funny, it's a kind of depressing humour. "Dark wit", as they say. And scary squeaky wheel-chaired assasins. (Haha). And a PGOAT (prettiest girl of all time). And the Union for the Hideously and Improbably Deformed who wear veils around all the time. (HAHA!)

Oh man. It's seriously a great book.

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Bittenbefore said...

thanks for the visit and comment ^^
sounds good! i will check out the book

hard to buy english books here in tokyo but will look around


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