Saturday, November 22, 2008

L'exams est fini! Review: Bourjois Apricot Complexion Enhancer

My exams are finally over! We (Prof Chua, Su Hui and Jol) went out yesterday for karaoke. Me and Jol's 2nd time only. Haha! And I am like the owner of a Kbox membership card? That's so amazing!

Anyway I got 2 things recently. During the exam period I tend to spend more; it de-stresses me.
bourjois apricot
Bourjois Apricot Complexion Enhancer and Dr Jart Silver Rejuvenating BB cream sample tube. (Will do the Dr Jart next time!)

Embelliseur de Teint Abricot is a beauty gel and it's listed under MUA as a tinted moisturiser. I decided to get it after reading all the great reviews (MUA is what I'm on all the time when I'm supposed to be studying)!

It gives a luminous and natural colour - "Un teint lumineux et naturel" which warms up yellow undertones in Asian skin. It smells really great, something rosey and a little fruity at the same time. The tube is kinda small though, only 20 ml, and it's not a moisturiser really, but rather a color corrector-ish thing. It's not as easy to blend as I'd like, but it's manageable and I love how it doesn't leave a nasty sheen and looks totally natural and controls oil well! It looks a scary orange (almost neon! It's way brighter than the swatch) coming out of the tube, but it blends in. It's just a corrector so it doesn't give coverage but rather warms up the skintone and makes you look healthier and glowy!
bourjois apricot2
bourjois apricot swatch
There are 3 other colors as well, including a green color corrector (not shown). It's only shown on the Bourjois France website, not the UK or US ones, so I think we're so lucky that it's available in Singapore! The Bourjois collection in Singapore is really very complete! (Some drugstores only carry certain stuff, but the big department stores stock everything.)
bourjois embelliseurs
There's the Rose Fraiche, the secret to a luminous visage - "Le secret d'un visage lumineux", and the Petit Dessert Du Teint, a caramel colour for the natural bronzer look I suppose. I want the rose one!

I like the flat, compact tube - reminds me of my BB cream tubes! Anyway I think I'll be doing another review on BB creams cos my previous review was a little unqualified - I've grown fairer by 2 tones I think (by sunscreen alone!) and I'll be trying them again. Bought new ones too. ^^

I've got a busy week of leisure ahead! Go me!

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