Sunday, November 23, 2008

Zahada Hints and Tips

I realised a lot of people have been coming here looking for Zahada hints, so here you go! (Hints are in white so you have to highlight underneath the bulleted level)

  • Level 1
    You know how it works, right? The answer is a URL.

  • Level 2
    It's a palindrome.
    "I can be black, blue, grey, green and brown as well."

  • Level 3
    Look at the title of the page.

  • Level 4
    Rhymes with duck.

  • Level 5
    Look at the title for an additional clue.
    The most important phrase is "Get in line!"

  • Level 6
    Highlight the hidden text.

  • Level 7
    Save the picture, and zoom in on it closely.

  • Level 8
  • Level 9
    Hover your mouse over the last image. (Or view source.)
  • Level 10
    View source. Look at the title. You should get enough clues to do some arithmetic.
  • Level 11
    View source. You need binary knowledge for this. Go google binary addition or something. I had a hard time too. The answer is in numbers.
  • Level 12
    View source. Scrutinize it!
  • Level 13
    Look at the title. Use Google! It's not the obvious answer - there's another name for it! ^^
  • Level 14
    View source for the clue, and unscramble it. The title gives a hint.
  • Level 15
    The Os are familiar huh. Check out the phrase.
  • Level 16
    Hint 1: Look at the bold alphabets. And the title - why 51? (:

    Hint 2: Think chemistry.
  • Level 17
    Look at the title and say it real fast. Then the picture will be an obvious clue. (:
  • Level 18
    Look at the image in the title!
  • Level 19
    Hint 1: It's a frickin' pattern. It might help to read out each line verbally.

    Hint 2: Look at the number of Zs in each number. Then the number of ones. Count them.
  • Level 20
    Look at the picture! It's not arithmetic, but rather in a graphic sense. (: Which language/country does the picture imply?
  • Level 21
    Google ditloid if you don't know what it means. Solve the ditloid.
    The title is a clue, as well as the highlighted Y and italicised "searching".

  • Level 22
    Add this one up - each cube has 3 sides that you can't see.
  • Level 23
    This is really tedious. You need a letter from the answers of each level. To check if your answer is correct, it's got something to do with the picture.
  • Level 24
    Hint 1:This is annoying for people who didn't learn it in school. If you did, you'll realise the letters are a mnemonic.

    Hint 2: The mnemonic is ROYGBIV. Google it if you didn't learn it in school.
  • Level 25
    It's a pattern. Type it out.
  • Level 26
    If you have no idea what those words are, google them to find out. You should get a graphic representation of alphabets.
  • Level 27
    There are 9 logos. Something used to be 9 but is now 8. Which is the one that no longer counts? (Sciency!)
  • Level 28
    Hint 1: Each picture represents a letter. Each line is hence a word, and each word spells out a number. So you'll get 4 numbers.

    Hint 2: Use the numbers in alphabet code to get a 4 letter-word answer.
  • Level 29
    The riddle is a homophone. The answer is the spelling of the red highlighted phrase.
  • Level 30
    The main clue is the title. Solve the bunch of homophones. Each line is a homophone.
  • Level 31
    Superimpose the 2 triangles together. The italicised word is a clue to the superimposed image you get. You'll need Google.
  • Level 32
    Notice the little arrows in each alphabet, but they go in opposite directions (i.e. for the D in Down, the arrow points up.) So reverse all the clues you get. You'll get a funny word, so Google it! (:
  • Level 33
    Use your calculator to add it up! It spells a word.
  • Level 34
    Enlarge the picture, print it out, do some cutting and pasting to make a 3D figure. It's a pain and I haven't done it. I refuse to get the answer online so I think I'll be permanently stuck here. So here's the end!!!

Feel free to leave a comment for help if you need more elaboration, I'll reply asap. (: I doubt I'll continue though, it was fun during my exam period when I was bored but now I've got plenty more fun things to occupy my time!! Whee!


Yy said...

Hello Doll!
i need help on level 29..
Been to quite a few forum to look for it but it seems like noone else have problem on this level. LOL!

I've tried all words..
from pave to bake.. to pone. poney..
cant get the answer.. mind sharing?

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

hi there, i've mailed ya!

Anonymous said...

hi im stuck on level 26 please help with the answers please im deperate

feeyona ♥♪♫ said...

just go Google all the terms like "solidus" and "baht" and "euro", they correspond to images.
Dollar=$=S, so Dollar represents the letter S.)
hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Stuck on level 20. Tried greek words for thirty two but no luck HELP please

JamaicanBacon said...

For level 20 don't try Greek, try the other classic civilisation with their own numerals.

Your blog is awesome, discovered it for zahada but it's soo much more :)

Anonymous said...

i still dont get question 10

Anonymous said...

got it!

Anonymous said...

I dont get it... the hint for level 23 says you need the first letter from answer gained in the specified levels... how are we supposed to remember all that stuff now? Any tips or can someone just give me the list of letters... dumb f*ckin c*nts...

Susiecubes said...

I don't understand how the answer to 23 is supposed to be a letter from each of the answers, when some of those answers contain only numbers?????

Ashley said...

Can anyone elaborate on the hint for level 33? Please?

Anonymous said...

Please can someone give me the web address of a good binary translator? It's for level 11, and please don't tell me the answer!

Anonymous said...


Tiffany Martin said...

I am working on 34 right now. Thank you for your hints! I didn't need them often, but when I got fussy and stuck it was nice to read your tips. Thanks for posting those!

apeman711 said...

Level 9 help please????


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