Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Omg today's excel test was a killer (for me at least). ;_; But I just realised that Obama won the election! Haha. Kind of cut off from the news in this rural place.

Anyway Zahada is so much fun!!!!! It's a super geeky and cool and addictive game!!!!! I don't know why, but somehow during IT class we'll just be playing stuff like that. :P I'm at level 23 34 now!!!!! But I think I'm gonna take a rest, I really should like study or something since I totally flopped today's test. ;_; It's so fun, I think I might write my own clues or something after the exams are over cos the clues out there are quite... ahem. Anyway I know some people have like amazing willpower and they won't touch stuff like that during exam time, unlike poor little me here. Bleahh. So I can like pave the way and give the hints. -_-U

Ok off to a 1-hour-long shower, ta!

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Bittenbefore said...

thanks for visiting and commenting!

btw i never had any luck with the fancl foam ball, hope it worked better for u ^^


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