Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I hate STARS

I hate this whole registration thing, I'm so depressed!!! Thanks to Huiyi for telling me about autoclick but sadly it's no use because nobody's dropping anything.

You know, I'm seriously thinking about offering $$ in exchange for the risk module cos there's a 25% project in it, but I'll think about it when I'm less depressed.

(And the 25% project is on some sort of IT thing I think, which you have to do on an actual company, which would be such a nightmare I think cos I'm so bad at that, and I don't want bitchy people to give me lousy group participation marks, like this group I was in in Sem 1 Yr 1 - they thought I didn't know but I totally know cos I compared my grades with my friend who was supposed to get totally the same as I did but we didn't cos I got pulled down by participation.)

My tax is off as well (I got my feelings cheated cos they told me they'd be choosing 87 but then they ended up in 84 with everyone else, but my friend tells me 87 has a great tutor so it was quite difficult to get 87, and I don't really care cos I don't think there's a project for tax).

Good Lord I hope a miracle happens during add-drop, like this semester when I switched classes into the other class with the extremely amusing prof-cum-author of 1029121090 textbooks.

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