Monday, December 8, 2008

JLPT's over!

JLPT's over! Yay! I was quite stressed over it cos my Friday classmates are really good in Japanese but when I met my Thursday classmates they were as stressed out as I was and one of my friends had failed all her mock tests, lol!

It turns out that everyone thought this year's test was difficult so it's good cos even if it was easy I wouldn't fare that well either. :P
After that we went to have a huge lunch and watched Bolt! It's a super cute movie and I really wanted a dog after that. I want a maltese so bad!

We went shopping and talked till most of the shops were closed. The Christmas decorations in town this year aren't that great, maybe because of the economy. There weren't enough lights so it wasn't very dazzling at all.
violin stuff
Some stuff I got from the Gramercy sale. I really like the rosin, it's so pretty, like hard candy! It's like $16 a piece though, and that's after discount. The pouch is so pretty as well! (I forgot to remove the sticker.) I want to get a smaller phone so I can use it as a handphone pouch. ^^

Ok I gotta go meet my friend, ciao!

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