Friday, December 26, 2008

メリクリ Meri Kuri!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! The 2nd photo was my Christmas card this year, asofterworld-inspired. :P We didn't really celebrate Christmas, just a nice seafood dinner on Christmas Eve (buttered prawns!) and a Japanese lunch on Christmas day (cha-soba, breadcrumb-coated chicken steak, and a fusion miso soup with tonnes of stuff in it), and a log-cake for dessert. And fruitcake for breakfast. And since my dad was away till recently and my sisters hate cinnamon, I got to finish most of the cinnamon cookies. XD
I went out with my old old friend Ming Li a couple of days ago and she gave me a bracelet, I love it! (:

Anyway, I've since finished reading the entire Stephanie Meyer series and I don't really feel like watching Twilight anymore since everyone tells me it's not very nice. (And Tracy has been secretly not wanting to watch it as well I'm sure!) The Twilight series is way too much of a romance for me, the 3rd and 4th books had me cringing and I totally pity that guy who's playing Edward Cullen. If he's still acting for the 3rd and 4th movies, I really pity him. Poor dude. I mean, the romance scenes are PG, but that kind of contributes to the cringe-worthiness as well.

Ok I'd better stop before I get beaten up by Edward Cullen fans. Bisou!

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Yumeko/Bittenbefore said...

lovely bracelet

ah i dont like cinamon either XD


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