Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holidays

Since Christmas is over... happy holidays! ;)

I finally got my laptop back from the repair centre and they gave me a laptop sleeve for free - lime green, yay! More updates to come!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Review: Chagrin Valley Soaps 2

Here's a review of the Chagrin Valley complexion bars I currently own. I'm expecting another bar of Grapeseed Shea complexion soap and I hope to get the Primrose complexion bar soon since it's a seasonal item. It is so addictive omg.

Shea Rose Clay Soap
Shea rose clay is my favourite of the lot! It cleans well because of the french pink clay in it, it smells wonderful like rosewater and leaves my skin uber soft. It contains coconut milk as well and rosehips which I am convinced are great for the skin (judging from my friends' and my experiences with rosehip oil). Overall a great daily cleanser for any type of skin. It's a pretty good body bar as well, just that it's not as moisturizing as I'd like for a shower.

Carrot and Honey Complexion Soap
This is supposed to be good for mature skin since it contains carrot for beta-carotene and vitamin A, but it's my least favourite of the lot (which is not to say I dislike it) because it doesn't seem to clean as well (which I guess is due to the absence of clay). It's the most moisturizing though, since it contains goat milk. I find it works better when used with a muslin cloth.

Muslin cloths are typically used with cream cleansers but I use it all my cleansers when I want extra exfoliation. I get mine from The Body Shop (they come in a pack of 3). I'm really hoping to get the famous Eve Lom ones though they're bloody expensive, but that's another story for another day. Using it with muslin helps it clean better - you can see the grime coming off and it provides very gentle exfoliation.

The carrot and honey bar fares better as a body bar for me because it's more moisturizing, but that's because I have oily skin - I'm sure people with dry skin would love it more on the face.

Rhassoul Clay & Yogurt Complexion Soap
This smells interesting but I have no idea how to describe it - slightly citrus and spicy. Quite different from the other soaps they have. I got this because I heard wonderful things about rhassoul clay. Plus it has yogurt which is a pretty good ingredient since it made me think of yogurt masks and the lactic acid it contains which can help exfoliate and clarify.

I think it's a really good deep-cleansing bar, good for people who have oily skin or are prone to breakouts. It leaves my face slightly tight from the clay and it's the least moisturizing soap of the lot, so I wouldn't use it all the time, but only at night when more heavy-duty cleansing is needed to remove the day's grime, or a couple of times a week as a treatment. It's also good for a shower occasionally, I find it helps clear up heat rashes on my back.


About the size, for Shea Rose Clay and Carrot Honey, I got samples and for Rhassoul Clay I got a full bar. As you can see from the photos, a full bar is ginormous and can't even fit into my soapdish! So I'll just cut a bar off to use and keep the rest. A sample size can last me about a month, and a full bar probably at least 3 months! They're really good value for money since they cost the same as all the other Chagrin Valley soaps and last much longer since you don't need much for the face.

In short, I highly recommend the Shea Rose Clay bar. I love it so much! I can't wait for my latest Chagrin Valley haul to arrive - it should be here next week. (:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Review: Julie Hewett camellia lip balm stick

I got this Julie Hewett camellia lip balm stick free with Chic magazine - it's only S$2.80! It looks a really cool orange - like something Limecrime/Doe Deere would wear, but it goes on clear, sadly. I really like the packaging, it's way classier than the other sticks around and the balm itself is really moisturizing cos it's made of camellia oil. Very addictive!

As for the magazine, Chic is more like a catalogue with reader-contributed content like reader's styles, beauty tips etc. It's very budget in feel with no articles but rather listings of pretty things, and with many blogshop advertisements since the advertising is really cheap - $175 for a quarter of a page. I expect they guarantee readers by offering freebies with every issue, or that's what I guess their business model is. Interesting!

Today's the first rare day since my 'holidays' started that I'm home for a large part of the day. So far I've gotten offers for each of my 3 interviews and I'm hoping my decision will be the right one...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

Jaime and Hok's Hummingbird and Flower dance. So beautiful.

Kayla and Kupono's Addiction. So heart-rending.

What I love about the choreography is that they are very easy for the layman to appreciate. I remember going to a Ballet Under the Stars once where they did lots of contemporary pieces, and one of my friends asked my other friend what the dance was about, and she replied, "It has no meaning." And obviously I was appalled, but the beauty of these 2 pieces is that they're so... universally understandable. And touching.

So amazing I could cry if only I hadn't watched them 12872058707 times already.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Review: Chagrin Valley Soaps 1

I bought my Chagrin Valley soaps at the beginning of this year but they didn't get much love cos I couldn't get used to the afterfeel. But when I'm stressed, I shower, and with the recent exam period I got the chance to try out most of the soap bars I got!

As I mentioned, the first few time they leave a squeaky clean afterfeel typical of soaps but after towelling dry, the feeling goes away and you'll get used to it. The afterfeel is probably due to the layer of glycerin left on your skin after washing. The glycerin is emollient and helps attract moisture to your skin. My skin gets so soft after prolonged use, it's amazing! (And contrary to what I thought, glycerin is not comedogenic at all.) These are better than even the Crabtree and Evelyn soaps I used to use.

Here's the review for 3 of the body bars - next up will be the complexion bars. I won't go into too much detail - you can find really good detailed descriptions on the websites with listings of ingredients which make them so tempting.

Chamomile and Calendula
This is what a new, never before used sample size looks like. They are rather roughly cut with some chunks in the bag but that lends a home-made feel to it and I guess it keeps costs down. It smells really nice and lathers the best out of all the bars I've tried - I'm guessing that's because it doesn't contain either coconut milk or goatmilk. Very moisturizing! It also liquefies very easily which is why it lathers more easily, but in humid Singapore, it makes the bar shrink faster too. I always air my soapbars out of the bathroom when not in use to prevent melting.

Lavender Oatmeal Spice
It's a coconut milk soap and smells like lavender with an earthy undertone. I really like the gentle exfoliation of the oats in it. It lathers slightly less well than the Chamomile and Calendula, but better than the Goatmilk Honey Oatmeal. It's also a slightly firmer bar than the Chamomile because it doesn't melt as easily.

Goatmilk Honey Oatmeal
It's a goatmilk unscented soap, with oats for exfoliation. I find it's the most moisturizing of the lot but because of the goatmilk in it, it's not as easy to lather - the lather is fine and silky. It gives me the feeling that it would be really great for sensitive skin.

Similarities I found for all bars were that they all have this natural earthy scent to them, even the unscented ones - it's not very strong but just an undertone. After inhaling natural scents for so long, it makes me a little uncomfortable to use artificial body sprays and such. It just makes me so much happier having natural products around, and they leave less toxins in your body - imagine all the chemicals in your body wash.

Basically I really really love all of the soaps, I won't even bother rating them. One thing is that some people might not really get used to how the soap lathers - I basically rub it all over, splash with lots of water and lather. They work better with body sponges or puffs because they help to lather. And I find that the soaps make the bathroom floor really slippery as compared to bath gels. They also need to be kept well-drained in humid climates.

I think Chagrin Valley is a really great company - what makes them different from other soapmakers is that while their bars may not be pretty, and the packaging is just brown paper, the product is really unique cos all the different bars have different ingredients with no artificial colourings. I've been to other soapmakers' websites where the soaps look so amazing and pretty, but they all use the same base or use mica to colour the soap or use preservatives and artificial scents.

The sample sizes last about a week for me and I expect a full bar to last about a month. I've already placed more orders! ^^ Can't wait. Complexion bar reviews coming up!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hip-hop Bleeding Love

BEST DANCE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Review: The Face Shop Ecovert moisturizer and toner

TW lent me this quite some time ago and I tried it out for a couple of weeks! Recently I've been quite crazy over skincare which is marketed as organic, paraben-free and natural etc, so I was quite excited over Ecovert.

I'm not too much of a Face Shop fan personally because they seem to have too many lines and have a 'budget' feel. Ecovert is their natural skincare line created with AMI, a renowned French manufacturer of eco-friendly natural products, so hopefully it's of better quality than what I've experienced with other Face Shop products.

I thought it was really cute that Ecovert has a French tagline - 'La nature m'aime' which means 'nature loves me'. The Ecovert range is paraben-free, artificial fragrance-free, alcohol free, organic pigment-free and mineral oil-free. It contains French rose extract, wild pansy extract (hydrating), thyme extract and 100% bamboo extract is used in lieu of water, which sounds really cool and makes me feel like an earth mother. Lol!!

The Face Shop Ecovert Daily Moisturizer
The bottle says it has a 'liquid crystal emulsion system' to prevent moisture loss. Sounds high-tech, but I have no idea what it means really. I guess it describes the texture - a sort of emulsion-cream with texture slightly reminiscent of gel-cream. It smells really nice in a natural, honey-floral way, kind of motherly but not mumsy... if you know what I mean.

It is relatively light in texture for its moisturizing ability, which is suitable for normal to dry skin, but not moisturizing enough for extra-dry skin. I found it clogged my pores on my T-zone a bit though, so it's definitely not for oily skin. TW says it's better for winter cos she used it then and loved it, but for humid Singapore... not so much. It's nice to use if you spend a long time in air-conditioning definitely.

Rating: 7/10

The Face Shop Ecovert Essential Toner
Written on the bottle is 'Before each use, gently shake container to activate formula'. It's a dual-phase toner apparently, as you can see in the photo, there's a layer of golden palm oil floating on top. Yes, palm oil. I was totally like OMG because palm oil sounds so comedogenic - and it is! They make it sound good though - 'Double-phase toner with essential oils and a top layer of Golden Palm Oil to add nutritive moisture to skin'. It smells very nice and is good at softening and prepping skin for more moisture. I guess this is good for normal to dry skins only.

Rating: 5/10


I had an endoscopy yesterday - apparently there's inflammation in my digestive tract. I think it has been inflamed for quite some time because I have such horrible gastric problems. The doctor was kind of appalled when he found out - he asked me how long I'd been experiencing the symptoms - '1 month?' No, I said, I think about a year? And actually it's way longer than that, lol!

Oh well, back to studying! Finals in a week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rilakkuma love + Maxim matcha latte?!

Look what my sister bought me I made my sister get me!!

My dear Rilakkuma is so cute!!! He looks like some weird conductor on my digital piano.

R-rated Maxim matcha latte! Haha... it's really cute cos it bubbles up when you mix it in. $4.50 for 5 sticks at Yamakawa.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Review: Renew Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

I was really tired so I decided to take a break and blog, and also to let you guys know this blog is still alive!!! So I decided to do a review of this cream I really really love and will probably repurchase a million times over. (: [More regular reviews to come... my sisters like to say that my room is like a mini-Watsons' so I think I'd better do some good with the $ I've spent... the good thing is, I've stopped spending so much because now I no longer have much space to store my products, haha!]

Renew Antioxidant Moisturizing Cream

I find Renew as brand very very similar to Sukin! They're both from Australia and are organic and paraben free, and they use similar ingredients as well, except in different quantities probably. The only differences would be that Sukin smells divine while Renew is either neutral, or borderline icky but bearable (rosehip oil). Also, the price points - Renew is a bit pricier than Sukin - the Sukin face wash is $13 while the Renew is $20. (These are rough estimates; I'm pretty bad with money and my memory fails me quite often as well. Ha!) Renew does have bundle packs though - they often sell the rosehip oil with either the cream, cleansing gel or face mist(both full-sized!) for $29.95 which is a great deal!

I have seriously oily skin so it seems weird to use a moisturizing cream but I'm a big believer of the idea that oily skin is actually dehydrated underneath. The surprising thing was that this cream feels really light and leaves my skin matte - the finish was straight matte, unlike the Sukin moisturizer which left a slight dewy sheen. It feels a little tingly (not minty, but just subtly energizing) and not greasy at all, unlike the Sukin one which is more 'oily' and liquefied in texture due to the essential oils in it (the Renew moisturising cream doesn't contain essential oils). Basically the texture for Renew was more solid, like spreadable margarine! (without the oil.)

I felt Renew was less moisturizing than Sukin which was surprising since Renew's is a cream while Sukin's was a lotion. Still, it's moisturizing enough for normal skin, and for dry-skinned people, it can be layered over their rosehip oil for extra hydration. The Renew cream is scentless and I really like it cos it's light, it keeps my skin matte and helps a bit with oil control. Consequent use will bring huge improvements to your skin! I find it really brightens and wakes skin up, just like the rosehip oil. I use the cream in the day and the rosehip oil at night (cos it's too oily for day). And it's very gentle - when I'm lazy, I use it in place of eye cream. And there's just so much of it in the jar, you can use it on your neck as well. (They always tell you to smooth over face and neck but I hardly do cos you'll use up product faster, but you need to use this within 6 months cos it's organic, so I feel free to use it everywhere.) The only con I can think of is the jar container which is unhygienic if you keep dipping your fingers into the cream, but I'm a hygiene freak and I use a spatula which I always clean, so that's fine for me.

Rating: 100/10!!! :D Awesomeness!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My So-called Life

it was a special :P

I just finished a Cubiks test and it was like horrible! It requires so much concentration but I'm pretty much attention-deficit so.

I wasn't feeling great today cos my ear was blocked cos I was tired yesterday and maybe the violin was too loud.

The weirdest thing that happened to me was that I sat next to the loudest guy in the lecture for my elective (which I usually skip). He was like so weird. We had to do a questionnaire and he totally asked to copy my answers even though it's a questionnaire so it doesn't matter! And he like shouts out these really funny answers to questions which was seriously amusing. And halfway through the lecture, his phone went off really loudly and everyone promptly turned to stare. HAHA.

After class I went to the bus stop to find my so-called friends except they'd already left. -rolls eyes-

Back to work.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lengthy Post

Goodness, I feel like crap!

A group of my friends asked me out for this Saturday, ostensibly to celebrate my birthday, but obviously I couldn't make it cos on Saturday I have CCA in the morning and a project meeting in the evening, and Sunday is well, meh. I feel crappy cos I have been blowing them off so many times (cos I was previously busy all the other times they asked me out) and I feel like every time we go out, it's on my terms (only when I'm free) and even when I do go out with them, I don't increase the 'atmosphere' much? And it makes me feel so guilty that they want to celebrate my birthday when I've been such a horrible friend. They probably thought I'd be free on Saturday since it's a public holiday, so it really sucks.

And I was supposed to have my birthday dinner with the family this Saturday but I have to do my project (report due Monday morning). I won't be able to go for high tea with the extended family on Sunday (to welcome my cousin back to SG) cos I'll probably be rushing the report. And on Sunday I'll be busy in the morning with work, in the afternoon with my violin lesson, both of which are non-cancellable, which I guess will make my project mates a little annoyed cos it means we can't meet then (not that I'm such an invaluable member that they can't meet without me anyway).


Now do you know why I couldn't care less about my birthday?

It stresses me out!

I know my friends and I are all really really busy right now and we're not getting much sleep at all so my birthday wish (though my birthday's not here yet) would be for us to all pull through!!!

:D Yayness!!! Ok I'm off to hit the showers and then the books.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

Delicious strawberry shortcake from Rive Gauche Patisserie! Yummy yummy.

I have no idea what birthday cake I want. I thought of a mont blanc, but the big sis shot down that idea immediately lol. I wanted a huge strawberry tart instead of a cake but I have no idea where to get it. And Mezza9 has a great chocolate cake but nobody I know is popping by there anytime soon. And Gelare makes a great chocolate cake too, but apparently, Gelare's no longer in Singapore!!! Like, OMG?!

Well it doesn't really matter anyway. This is like my busiest period ever but I'll spare you the details.


Friday, October 9, 2009


It takes very little to make me so stressed I feel like crying - losing stuff that I really need is the easiest. (Funnily enough, piles of schoolwork can't do that.)

I'm not a disorganised person. It's just that, one needs space to organise. You can't organise without any space. And I don't have space. And it ended up even worse after I moved home. And bear in mind, I already threw out bags and bags of my things.

Imagine how it feels when you're rushing out with nothing to wear and you can't remember where you put XXX because your closet was full and you keep half your clothes in a huge box underneath your bed, and all the clothes in it are folded, not ironed which makes them more difficult to go through.

Imagine if you're trying to find a necklace that you really loved and haven't even worn once, just to find you can't remember where you put it. And you check in all the usual places you put your jewellery in but it's not there because there's no longer any space there so you had to put it somewhere else, but you just couldn't remember where.

I waste hours and hours trying to find my stuff all the time.

And it really sucks.

Anyway, the most recent update is that I just found my long-lost laptop battery (which I lost for over a year). I found it as I was looking for the documents for my digital piano.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Peektures from September

For the Boss' birthday!

Friday, October 2, 2009


Here's a bunch of eco-totes I bought like last month, just to test out a new photo freeware I downloaded. ^^ I wanted to get analogcolor but you need to pay using paypal which I don't use. :(

Anyway I'm quite annoyed, there are too many people carrying the Marc Jacobs bag around, Kinokuniya has brought too many in this time. I think I'll stop toting it around and maybe start on Cher and the Paul and Joe bag. I've been using the small Cher ones as lunchbags! (I have no lunchbreak at all on Saturday and only 15 minutes on Sunday so I've been bringing a lunchbox and flask of soup/coffee to work which has been working pretty fine...)

I have 2 quizzes next week so I guess I'd better get started. I hate studying at home though; my mum has a horrible habit of vocalising her every single thought (when it's utterly unnecessary) so it's REALLY NOISY at home.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Children's Day!

For the kiddies in all of us! (:

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Recess week starts now for me! Most of it will be filled with work, but what's new?

I just felt that recently, lots of my friends have been getting very stressed and edgy about school, projects, events and stuff, whether freshies or final years. The thing is, I'm not the most perceptive person in the world and I just felt quite touched when I got an email apology about someone's behaviour (which I never expected because we're all friends and we know we'd never be intentionally rude unless we were like seriously stressed or PMS-y). Actually I feel like I've been pretty horrible last week as well because of my presentation (which ended quite badly with the entire part I presented being wrong but it was done as a group with other people so...) but I'm thankful for my friends trying to make me feel better cos I'm sure they noticed my sucky mood after that...

Basically I'm just really grateful for all the emotional support I've been receiving from people around me and I hope I can be a more perceptive person and give other people support as well (because sometimes, I just don't notice).

And another thing that's worrying me really badly - my tutor (who's the lecturer and course coordinator as well) for this really difficult course where it's rumoured that 13% of people fail (which is not a large percentage for other faculties but is HUGE for our faculty) is leaving school after recess week because the university wouldn't let him exchange his unutilized paid leave for money. And well it's not his fault that he wanted to retire (at his age, he really should!) and the stupid university wouldn't let him exchange his leave. So it'll be a new tutor judging our presentation which is quite difficult cos it's the second last presentation of the semester. And a new tutor judging our class participation. For the most difficult module EVER.


Ok, enough of sadness. Regular ditzy frou frou posts coming up after the weekend!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Phone!

My new Sony Ericsson T707.

My old Sony Ericsson Z610i.

Looks pretty similar huh?! I think my old phone actually looked way prettier! :( I miss it so much (I still have it cos it's not worth much) but the battery was dying very quickly and it had scratches on the inside.

Why do they have to change phones all the time?! Why can't they just upgrade the phone and keep its pretty exterior?

Well I guess I should be happy I have a new one, so.

Anyway today I had a nice day in school doing our project. 4 girls, one seminar room, lots of chatting but also discussing of basic principles (through which I realised we have such lousy basics)! And I paid my non-refundable deposit today... it'll be weird going with someone I hardly know but I hope we can get along!


Thursday, September 10, 2009

No Pics

I cannot believe I spent more than 4 hours buying presents today.

And like so many people owe me money. -_-U Ok so it's not a lot but for the first time in my life I'm trying to be accountable for my own money (and so far I've lasted 2 weeks which is really not bad, so I want to keep it going!!!) Now I know exactly how much money I spend on food, entertainment, (highly unnecessary) purchases, transport, presents etc.

It scares me.

Especially the highly unnecessary purchases part.

Photos of latest unnecessary purchase soon.

I have a bad head cold but I have NO TIME so I'm going to cut down on unnecessary entertainment this couple of days. I thought I could reach home early today to practise violin but NONONONO. (Oh well, I forgot about it anyway.)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Review: Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask

Purederm Skin Recovery Pearl Essence Mask
This is a sheet mask that caught my eye in the drugstore (my place for cheap things to cheer me up) because it had lots of korean words on it and the shape of the packaging was cute, like a bottle!

Basically the mask claims that
-Pearl Powder has long been a favourite by Asian women to protect and beautify their skin
-Pearl Powder's magical quality helps to tone and rejuvenate the complexion, clear blemishes, minimise pores and reduce skin redness.
-Pearl Powder is effective in rejuvenating dry, dull skin for a dewy complexion

It contains pearl powder, licorice root, vitamin E and collagen.

The mask has an herbal scent to it which I kind of like but others might be repelled. :P The fabric of the mask is very thin and soft which I like, because it adheres to the skin better. It's soaked in a very light liquid, so it wasn't as moisturising as I'd have liked. It did tighten my pores a bit, but I didn't notice any other effects other than smoothness which is what every sheet mask does. So this is just a very basic mask, pretty cheap at $1.95 a piece.

Rating: 5/10


Been really busy recently. This post was post-dated cos I have no time to blog. ;_; Going out to work later. 2310958708917 pages of reading to do. 2 lectures I haven't watched and will probably never watch. 5 days of school next week, 4 parties to go to.
Hurray! My (work)life is back.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Colour

Aud's gifts from the EU... Peach tea mentos are nice!! The journal seems too nice to write in. (By now, all the mentos is gone and I'm left with 2 pieces of Trident.)
Random food spree at the supermarket - Jelly Belly jellybeans and grapefruit softbites! (Seriously I really love grapefruit.) Grapefruit softbites are love!!! Yummy yummy.
After tasting the original Jelly Belly pack, I really think that at least 80% of Jelly Belly beans taste like crap. The only ones I like are toasted marshmallow and buttered popcorn (cos they're novel and actually taste good). The rest are sick (in a totally bad way). I need to like wash the aftertaste from my mouth. I especially hate licorice and bubblegum and... oh, all of them! The only neat thing was that watermelon had a green outer covering and red inside, like a real watermelon. It still tasted like artificial crap though. Very English, artificial crap. Japanese sweet flavourings taste way better.

Anyway the reason for my crazy inane tasting of Jelly Belly today was because I went jogging (like 2km only) and I felt I could indulge. :D Actually I had Royce Nama champagne chocolates and Nestle Choclait Chips too. Oops.

And anyway... I realised I have a whole bunch of friends with birthdays in August and September which really sucks cos everyone is celebrating their 21st so every week I have at least 1 birthday party to go to which is so tiring (and kind of straining on the pocket)... :(

Ok, back to work!!! (Still getting Jelly Belly aftertaste to go away...)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 8

We had brunch at Cold Stone Creamery. Mine was Oolong tea-flavoured! I wanted to try something more Taiwanesey and less Common-Cold-Stone-ish. The first couple of bites were great cos the tea flavour was really strong, but after that I got used to it and it was kind of boring. :P

The uncle here can cut out a silhouette of your side profile!

We end off with a poetic picture of Rain... in the rain.

I KNOW, I'm so lame. But anyway, it didn't rain at all during our stay except for our last day, when the rain came down in huge fat droplets. Typhoonish rain I suppose?

It was a great trip! (:

♥ おしまい! ♥

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan: Day 7

Today we're going to the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, National Palace Museum and Miramar ferris wheel!

CKS Memorial Hall

National Theatre and National Concert Hall.

View of the gate and Mr CKS

The National Theatre and Concert Hall are kind of like the Esplanade in Singapore (except with a more historical-like building) where you can see lots of people outside practising dance or traditional arts like playing with tops, or other things like the performances you see on Taiwanese variety shows. (You know, the kind of Taiwanese talent shows where people perform and the guests give them points or money, kind of like America's Got Talent but with guaranteed money back.)

I really wanted to watch the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre in Taiwan, but they were out touring. :( Maybe next time! They were featured in Time and seem quite amazing. On our first night in Taiwan there was a Ryu Goto concert (he's a Japanese violinist) but I wouldn't have been able to make it anyway. :(

Anyway we didn't venture deep into the buildings, we only went inside the CKS building and watched the changing of the guards which was quite funny (to my juvenile sense of humour) but I will not write anything here which is disrespectful. (^^)v

We made our way to Shihlin station and felt hungry so we stopped by a little stall that sold gyoza and dumplings, every kind imaginable and priced by the piece!

Very affordable and yummy!!!!!! 5 pieces for a dollar! :O Tracy ordered curry gyoza and kimchi gyoza and there are many more flavours which is amazing.
I had Ding Tea from next door (grapefruit green tea again!) and they had Jam Hsiao printed on the cup. -_-U Oh well, he does sing really really well, but as you can see I'm not absolutely crazyyyy about him.
Next, we took a bus to the National Palace Museum which Tracy wanted to go to and is the largest museum in Asia!!! No photos allowed so you'll only see the exterior. Quite an amazing place, we saw the jade cabbage and jade meat... sounds really dumb but the jade cabbage is really pretty!!! I expected an ugly round cabbage but it's the long elegant type of cabbage and the artist made use of the gradations of green in the jade to make it look really realistic, and there was a bit of dark jade which he carved into a cicada resting on the cabbage which is like so cool. The tour guide (in English, phew) was really funny too.

The entrance and the building.

The garden which we stupidly paid money to go into. After we went out, we realised that they had opened the gate - only after we slotted money and went in. -_-U

Cute trashcan.

The National Palace Museum closes quite early at about 5pm. After that, we made our way to Miramar by taking a shuttle bus from Jiantan station.

But first, we had dinner at TGI Friday's. I just realised that they have TGIF in Korea too!

Food was not bad, but pricy by Taiwanese standards. There were TV screens showing sports, and we were totally in stitches over the men's artistic gymnastics floor exercise segment. Some guys are seriously OTT!!! Imagine grown men with huge muscles, grinning madly like wide-eyed cheerleaders, doing floor exercise. :O There were ok ones of course, those were the ones without the manic glint in their eyes. HAHA.

We made our way to the top of the building where the Miramar ferris wheel was. (It's the ferris wheel that's always featured in Taiwanese dramas! Not that I watch them much anyway, just a bit of random info I heard. And yes, I realised they do keep filming it as a meeting place in Taiwanese dramas!)

TW said it was the worst 30 minutes of her life up there (cos the ferris wheel is on top of a building which makes it scarier if you're afraid of heights). Actually it was only about 20 minutes. You get a choice of regular or transparent cabins (with transparent floor) but there are only 2 transparent ones so the wait is longer.

Tracy and I were totally scoffing at TW but then halfway up we realised... it was indeed quite scary!!! :O Hahaha!!! Thank God we didn't choose the transparent cabins.
Oh here's a photo of the nicely-packaged pineapple shortcakes I got from Kuo Yuan Ye (near Shihlin station), they have a lovely building which looks quite out-of-place among the other older, shabby buildings. It's a 'cookie museum' apparently, and the store manager dresses very nicely and everything. I'm sorry I only bought one box because I had no luggage space left. :(

Ok one more day to go!!!

I'm quite happy today cos I don't have work in the morning and later my sis is driving me to work, and after work I'm going to my friend's 21st which I hope will be fun!!! :D That means of course I will be missing this year's Natsu Matsuri tonight. :( Oh wells!!!

Ciao ciao!


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