Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I had a great time! Ate so much I'm stuffed!!! :D This is the lion dance performance at my cousin's house, they perform every year. That's my uncle.
This is the God of Fortune!! Everyone wanted to touch him. -_-U
And these are the lucky 4D numbers the lions gave. If you tilt the photo around you can see the Chinese characters. :P
A video, only 3 mins long cos my memory card is small, I'm totally getting a new one with bigger capacity.

It's not very interesting cos the interesting parts weren't inside!! The lions will actually go into the house (boring), but they'll eat mandarins and peel it inside, then they'll pretend to be sleepy and digesting the food. And when they're done they'll throw out the mandarin peels and lettuce (sheng cai=rising fortune?) which is really funny!

It's a happy Chinese New Year!!! I have class tomorrow and it's sad but who cares? :D

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yumeko said...

that is sooo cool

thank you for sharing
i love seeing different things like this


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