Friday, January 9, 2009

BOO to school!

Gosh school has been hectic! I've been breaking out into hives for 2 consecutive weeks (better not let my mom hear this), getting migraines and feeling super faint. I think I'd better start taking my vitamins and iron and stuff. -_-"

It's good though, I've got pretty much all my books and I can feel karma flowing my way cos I've been helping other people - like I helped Aud sell her friend's text to my friend (whom I only knew for barely a semester) and cos she got it cheap, she helped me find 2 marketing books I needed and I got them for cheap as well! Yay!

And I lent a lot of people stuff, including my friend from French class whom I haven't seen in half a year. And things on the roommate front are getting better, I met her family on Monday (cos they were here on holiday), she offered to cook with me (I was experimenting with preserved veg and tofu soup this week - it was badddd) so I think I'd better brush up on my cooking skills. And I went with her to one of the exchange talks, I really hope I get to go with my miserable GPA - I hope I improved my chances by picking a safer and more boring place closer to home. -_-U

Anyway, back to my blatant consumerism. I am extremely in love with the drugstore, I go there all the time and every time I get something small and cheap that makes me happy. This time I rediscovered Pond's! (I used to love the smell of Pond's moisturiser even when I was young, I think my sister used it in her teens, as well as the younger teachers in my primary school - it smelt safe and warm!)
Pond's White skin lightening facial foam, pore minimizing foam mask and oil control lightening facial foam. The pink one is moisturising but doesn't seem to wash off cleanly so I didn't like it. The blue one's ok and smells good, but doesn't stand out from all the stuff that I use. The orange is the interesting one - you can use it either to wash your face or as a mask! I prefer the mask method - it contains witch hazel and kaolin and gives this tingly sensation! It's not too drying, and has a creamy texture and is quite moisturising actually. That's why I got it in a bigger tube.

So I've moved back into hall and the water here is very very hard - after I shower, I feel so dry and itchy and my cheeks turn raw and flaky which is very bad. So I'll be dabbling in moisturisers next. Stay tuned...

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