Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Review: Fancl Cleartune Oil Control Powder and Body Shop Nature's Minerals

Last Thursday, I went out and bought this!
It has great reviews on MUA, and I decided to try it out on my oil slick of a face.
There's nothing special about the packaging, very no-frills. I hate that there's only a clear plastic sheet separating the sponge and the powder, it's so troublesome and unhygienic - they should have put in a hinged separator. But as for the product itself, it's seriously amazing at oil-control, plus it contains sulfur which prevents breakouts! It's a pastel blue-green translucent shade, goes on kind of chalky on medium-fair skin, but blends in after about an hour. I only use it on the t-zone but I really love this - it's my total HG now! 10/10!

The marshmallow puff is soft but generic, nothing special, so I use a brush to put it on! (I think puffs are unhygienic, I feel like I have to wash it all the time so I prefer brushes. Plus brushes give a lighter finish while a puff would pile it on.)
The Body Shop Nature's Minerals kabuki! It's made of synthetic hair but so amazingly soft and fluffy, I really really like it a lot. Plus the handle is like glittery graphite, so pretty! It comes with its own case, good for travelling (that's why I bought it to use in hall). And I like the sparkly pink sifter jar (which I got with a $3.50 voucher my friend gave me, lol).

So these are 2 things that greatly increased my utility recently. I'm off to my irritating risk module now, ta!

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yumeko said...

i am curious abt that fancl powder
but i am lazy to retouch throughout the day

do u have to do retouch often?


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