Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Charity bear from my good friend, and yak-bone chopsticks from my other good friend (they don't fit into my chopstick cases, but she says the bone material helps replenish calcium, which is cool cos I'm supposed to be at a high risk for osteoporosis). I'm going to name the bear Scott! Cos my friend saw my textbook which I wrote "Scott" on cos that's the author, and she thought he was like my new boyfriend or something. Haha!!!

Ok, so it's week 3 at school and I'm already having the blues. My risk project is going nowhere (we don't talk about it), and there are 2 exchange students in my marketing group. I sure hope they're hardworking people and we can get along well, cos I'm really very worried about my grades this semester. My law tutor suxxors to the maxxors, my tax group is filled with smart and hardworking people and thus we have nothing in common to talk about (but it's bearable and they're nice), and my risk class is filled with annoying people who keep volunteering in class.

Help me!!! I'm praying to Kami-sama that I'll (at least) maintain my GPA this semester. I can't drop back into the abysmal depths of desperation!!! I can't!!!

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