Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Souvenirs from my sister!
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, duty free. I believe it's almost $10 cheaper than purchasing from regular counters! Still more expensive than getting it from the US though (the US salesgirls are generous with freebies too).

I went to Vivocity after doing my risk project. (I got badly lost, long story.) So TW and I went to Fre(n)sh for dinner! I love the food there! It's a very tiny place and can barely seat 16, but the service is great and it's quite a cozy place.
Salmon and avocado tartine.

Crème brûlée.

I love the salmon tartine, the basil leaves make it taste extra great. And the crème brûlée's apparently their signature dessert, I love the cocoa dusted stencils, they're so pretty. The sugar top wasn't crispy enough for me, and the crème wasn't extremely smooth, but the home-made taste of vanilla leaves me super blissful. ((: It was only $19++ (inclusive of 10% service charge) for a set dinner of a drink, a tartine and dessert. The latte was good. I'm totally going back there. Craving their tartines like crazy!

I have decided - as long as I roar along my path in life with passion and energy, nothing else matters. I will make grumpy people smile, I will make angry people smile, I will not let you get me down. 加油!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Yay I got an internship interview!!

Thing is, there are 10 prospective interns, and only 1 or 2 places. -_-U Thank God my interview slot is the second last one at 11am. I could never make it for the 9am one. (I know, I start work at 9am too, but that's different cos I can afford to look like crap for it. And it's so annoying, I have to cancel work just to go for the interview. Goodbye $$. I'd better get the internship or I'll be so irritated.)

I think I'll still be going for my violin lesson after the interview. Then I'll have to rush home and grab my violin, then go to work after violin lesson in my interview garb. Argh it'll be a busy day. Not looking forward to it.

And heck, I think I'll wear pants. I'm gonna differentiate myself from all those boring girls in my course who wear blah pencil skirts. (Also because my legs have lots of scars from the scratching and I'm afraid the stress may make me break out into hives on my legs again which is so not pretty.)

Ok enough of ranting. I have a presentation and 2 quizzes tomorrow, crazy busy! Now let me get some stuff into my head.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: Rosken Bio Serum (better than Bio Oil!)

rosken bio serum
You know, I keep complaining that the water in hall makes my skin so dry. Then I saw an ad for Bio Serum in a magazine and decided to try it, and now I'm totally in love with it! It's only S$15.90 for 50ml, and I read in a forum that it's way better than Bio Oil. In fact, the ingredients are pretty much the same, just that Bio Serum's better cos it's less greasy and doesn't cause breakouts.
rosken bio serum2

Comparison of ingredients:

Rosken Bio Serum contains Vitamins A and E, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil, Rosehip oil and PurCellin Oil. Bio Serum is hypo-allergenic and contains no preservatives.

Bio Oil contains Vitamins A and E, Calendula Oil, Chamomile oil, Lavender oil, Rosemary oil and PurCellin Oil. Bio Serum contains no preservatives. (However, the main ingredient in Bio Oil is paraffinum liquidum, which is a fancier term for mineral oil. I have nothing against cosmetic-grade mineral oil; it doesn't break me out, but I know lots of other people think otherwise.)

Rosken Bio Serum

Consistency: A transparent rose-coloured serum that feels thick (like cleansing oil) but rubs in easily. Not greasy at all!

Scent: Very soothing, calming lavender scent. I love lavender!

Packaging: Travel-friendly 50 ml bottle, convenient cap.

Comments: This can be used both on the face and body, and I used it on both with no reactions. It doesn't break me out at all, but I tend to use it only on my cheeks which are horribly dry. I find that using it on my mosquito bite scars and scratches help them heal and fade faster.

Bio Serum is, however, just a serum, so it doesn't replace moisturiser, cos it's just not moisturising enough on its own. I use it under moisturiser, like any other serum, and it totally locks in moisture for really nice supple skin! With most moisturisers, I find that dry flaky skin returns easily, but Bio Serum seems to deep-condition my skin so it's more resilient.

A major plus point would be the lavender scent - it's very subtle, but it's so relaxing to put it on before going to bed! (These days I've been sleeping with home-made lavender satchets around my face to help me snooze well. My mom puts dried lavender buds into muslin bundles. They smell so good, I'm addicted! I love love love lavender!!!)

Rating: 10/10


Anyway, yesterday I bathed in honeysuckle flowers!

It's actually not that exciting, though I kind of felt like Cleopatra (did she bathe in flower petals?). My hives outbreaks have been getting so out of hand recently, my mom went to the Chinese medical hall to ask the old man if there were any home remedies we could try. (I didn't want to go to the regular doctor; he'll just prescribe antihistamines which don't cure the root of the problem.)

So the old man suggested steeping honeysuckle flowers to make honeysuckle tea (smells like chrysanthemum tea) to bathe in. I don't think it helped much though. :( I think next week (recess week) I'll go to the TCM clinic where they'll probably give me acupuncture or something. I hate needles but I'm so sick of itchy hives!!! According to TCM, it's because my body is over-heated and can't cool itself down, which causes the hives. It doesn't help that I've had such a craving for heaty food recently. (I just discovered Real McCoy potato chips - they totally rock!!!)

I can't wait for my presentations and tests to be over and for recess week to arrive!

Friday, February 13, 2009


NEWS color
Wendy got the NEWS album for me! :D I don't like them as much as I used to, and well they don't sing all that well but it still cheers me up.

I had 3 presentations last week, and next week I have 2 presentations and 2 tests. God help me. I've been breaking out into hives every single day which is freaky. The Canadian guy in my marketing group is being a pain in the ass, when it's me who's supposed to be entitled to be PMS-y now.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Thing To Be Bitchy About - The Room-mate

I don't know if I'm over-reacting, so I'll just lay down all the facts.
  • Once when I went back to hall, I found her stuff on my fridge. She's never asked me and she keeps drying her utensils on top of my fridge which is ridiculous.
  • Once, I found her t-shirt on my bed.
  • Today, I found one of her letters on my table, and the plug to my laptop was disconnected.

Is she like using my table or something? I only hope she doesn't have people over sleeping on my nice clean bed cos I'm absolutely anal about hygiene.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Girls and Bitchiness

I feel quite ill thinking about the fact that my future workplace will probably be teeming with female co-workers. I'm so afraid of going to work every day, having to put up with bitchiness, acid tongues and evil gossip.

I know I'm bitchy as well, but when I'm bitchy I actually feel guilty about it and I would never bitch about someone to her face, because I'm a feminist and I can't find it in myself to go against a girl. I would happily attack irritating guys though. Then again, I don't get as annoyed at guys because their annoying characteristics can be explained away as a gender problem, while for girls, I can't understand why they'd go against their own gender, you know?

And the most annoying thing is that I try to be nice to bitchy girls, but it really doesn't work, so I do what comes naturally - act blur. It's kind of unhealthy though, I really don't know how much more blur I have to act when I'm naturally quite blur already. And it sucks more when the people beside you don't stand up for you. (Well that's cos they're not my friends - and I don't mean it in a mean way, it's just a fact, we're mere acquaintances who know each other barely a couple of weeks.)

Now the most most most annoying thing is when your real friends know the bitchy agressor (not very well, but the idea's there) and they don't believe she can be so bitchy. It makes me want to cry when I complain to them about everything I've endured and they just brush it off and tell me it can't be that bad, she seems like a nice person, maybe I'm thinking too much.

I'm really not. Even guys (who are not as perceptive as girls) would realise something was wrong from the way -bitchy girl(s)- talk to me, but they won't do anything cos they're too nice, they'll just give this sidelong glance, but do nothing cos they don't wanna get involved (which is a smart move - bitchy girls are SO SCARY).

I'm quite depressed at the mo, can you tell?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Review: Moisturizers!

I'm bored, so today I'll be doing a review of some moisturizers I brought to use in hall. (I have more at home!!) I got all these as GWPs. XD

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream
Consistency: Dense and kind of solid, like slightly softened butter or margarine.

Scent: Light, pretty neutral, nothing to die for.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub as well, which is pretty unsanitary. :(

Comments: It doesn't have preservatives in it cos it's for sensitive skin, but that also causes it to have a shelf-life of only 6 months. It is pretty soothing, but not really moisturising enough for super dry skin. It'd probably be ok for normal skin though. The fragrance-lessness of it makes it smell a little funny at first but it's ok. It also gives a shiny look but that's fine cos it's for night.

Rating: 8/10

The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream
Consistency: Less dense than the Night cream, pretty light in texture.

Scent: Similar to the Night cream.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub, which is unsanitary.

Comments: This also doesn't have preservatives and has a 6 month shelf life. It is soothing and less moisturizing than the night cream, but should be fine for normal skin. It might make your t-zone a bit shiny but for the cheeks it's fine. (I actually use a different moisturizer for my cheeks and my t-zone which sounds so crazy and vain, but that's just cos I have so many different things that I need to finish using! Haha!)

Rating: 8/10

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream
Consistency: Pretty light in texture but slightly more emollient than the Aloe Day Cream, which is slightly gel-like, while this is pure cream.

Scent: Pretty heavy Vitamin E rose-like scent, which may put some people off. Kind of gramma-ish, which is why I don't really like using it for day.

Packaging: The regular version is in a tub, which is unsanitary.

Comments: More moisturizing than both the Aloe creams! It doesn't leave skin shiny-looking either, which is great and a little surprising. Good for dry skin, but not super-dry. I use it both night and day, but prefer using it at night cos of the heavy fragrance. I think this is an affordable buy if you need moisturisation quick! Leaves skin soft, yay!

Rating: 9/10

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel Lotion
Consistency: A light yellow gel-lotion.

Scent: An amazingly lovely sweet and fresh rosewater-ish scent (a wee bit like rose syrup). The scent makes such a difference!

Packaging: Either a small tube, or a huge pump jar. This one is a sample. :P

Comments: Similar moisturising power as TBS' Vit E moisture lotion. Gives a dewy look, and can be used for both night or day. Leaves my skin looking amazing the morning after. I love this. My mom loves it too. It's pretty expensive over here but I'm hoping my sister goes to the US soon cos Clinique is so cheap over there!! And I cannot repeat this enough - the fragrance is lovely!

Rating: 10/10

It's been a hellish week. My zodiac for this year has to beware of 小人(people who are intent to do you harm, or something like that) at work/school and I am having a hard time. I had a blood test yesterday, and because I'm anaemic and have low blood pressure I didn't feel too well. Yet I had to stay in school and do my project till 10.30pm (a horribly urgent situation which has a long explanation behind it), which means I was in school for like 13 hours yesterday, feeling giddy and faint, carrying like 5 kg worth of stuff (I had 2 law books and a huge bunch of files and other stuff). I did drink lots of milo and isotonic drinks though, to bulk up the blood.
Oh well. I will make it through this semester in one piece through sheer willpower!!!
Oh, in other news, I've broken my coffee fast at last. :P I need it to tide through school.


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